Ways to receive citizenship in Kuwait

Moving and living in Kuwait is a unique experience, but becoming a citizen of Kuwait is a little bit hard. That does not mean it is impossible. Kuwait has a lot to offer to its residents you just need to explore it. But, if you want to receive citizenship in Kuwait, you must know what are the ways and how you can receive it.

Moving to Kuwait

Before you start with researching Kuwaiti law about citizenship, you must move there. It is a long distance move for Americans and Europeans, so international movers Kuwait are a must. Moving to Kuwait without a reliable and experienced moving company is an almost impossible thing to do. 

Kuwait license plate.
Moving to Kuwait is a big step, so you have to be fully prepared. Especially when you want their citizenship.

What are the ways to receive citizenship in Kuwait?

Foreigners do not have the same right as citizens in Kuwait, but some things you can do without citizenship, for example, buying a property or getting a driver’s license in Kuwait is possible without citizenship. That is a rule in any county in the world. Kuwait values its culture and standard of living. Kuwait has about 4 million people and about 70 percent of them are foreigners, that is a lot. It is one the reason why Kuwaiti government wants to save their citizens and why it is difficult to get one. So, how can you receive citizenship in Kuwait and is it possible? 

fingerprint and Kuwaiti flag.
If you want to have Kuwaiti nationality, then you must meet some conditions.

Living in Kuwait is very different from living in America or Europe or other countries in Asia, so you will probably experience cultural shock after moving. But, like other people, you will get used to it, for sure. And the first step towards getting used to it is by hiring residential Kuwait movers. Kuwait has a different tradition, rich history, and many beautiful places. Know that relocating to Kuwait can bring you a lot of opportunities and life experiences.

Conditions and requirements for getting Kuwaiti citizenship

There are three major requirements first. You must know the Arabic language and learn it perfectly, have a legal job, and you must be a Muslim. If you are not a Muslim, you must become one. Minimum 5 years before you apply for it. Also, it is important not have any criminal record. If you meet these conditions, it is not the end of this journey. After that, you need to have one of these factors:

  • If you have been in Kuwait for 20 years (if you are not an Arabian native). If you are an Arabian native, then 15 years are enough for receiving Kuwaiti citizenship.
  • You can receive citizenship if you did something amazing for the country.
  • If your family was in Kuwait before 1965, then you can be considered for citizenship.
  • Citizenship because of the marriage is possible only if you are in marriage for 15 years with Kuwaiti man. Man, not a woman!
  • And the last one is if you are born to a Kuwaiti woman and you lived there in your childhood. But the catch is that your father was a POW or he divorced your mother or unfortunately he’s passed away.

After all these conditions and requirements, you can apply for citizenship in Kuwait. Committee will look at your application and they should accept it if everything is o.k. Also, minister if interior and an Amiri Decree should accept your application too.

Approved application for citizenship in Kuwait.
If everything is O.K. you should get Kuwaiti citizenship without big problems and obstacles.

Things to know about living in Kuwait

Many people think that relocating to Kuwait as a foreigner and living there as a foreigner, especially as a woman is difficult. But, in it not, when you are prepared and when you know what to expect. There are no reasons to be scared of living in Kuwait, there is why. 

  1. Women are not the second class in Kuwait or any other Muslim country! Many people think that woman are not treated properly, but is it not a truth at all. Actually, they are treated like gold. Even if you can’t receive citizenship in Kuwait, you will be treated normally. For example, in a supermarket, there are women priority lines, some malls do not allow men inside if they are not with a woman or a family, you can drive, etc.
  2. Do not be scared because you are moving to one of the Middle-East Muslim countries. There is no war in Kuwait and it is a very safe country because of a low crime rate.
  3. Pay attention to your clothes. You do not have to wear a hijab or niqab, but you must be dressed modestly in a public place. So, leave your shorts and mini dresses at home.
  4. Be prepared for Kuwaiti HOT temperatures. Kuwait is mostly a desert and during a day, most people are staying inside in a home.
  5. Kuwait has affordable health care no matter if you are a citizen or a foreign. If you are moving to Kuwait with children, they must get a tuberculosis vaccine. You can do it in Kuwait too.


Now when you know all those facts about living in Kuwait and ways to receive citizenship in Kuwait, you are definitely prepared. For many people, it is a totally new life experience which gives them a lot of stress. But, when you have tips and good and useful information, nothing can bother you. Maybe it sounds like a lot of jobs if you want their passport, but if you meet all of the conditions, you should not have too many obstacles getting it. Good luck!