Pros and cons of using brand new moving boxes

Is your packing day approaching? If it is, maybe you are thinking about packing materials that you need to prepare. But, when you browsed through online packing supply offer you’ve noticed that moving boxes are not cheap. Browsing further, you have found various articles that suggest you use free moving boxes. Even though this does sound like a good idea, have you ever wondered why professional moving services Kuwait use only brand new boxes? It’s not for their image, but because of their reliability. And that is what you should primarily think about, as well. However, besides reliability, what are the other advantages of using brand new boxes, and are there any disadvantages? In the following article, we will look at all pros and cons of this decision.

Advantages and disadvantages of using brand new moving boxes

Even though using new cardboard boxes sounds like a reasonable idea, some people are still opting to use secondhand cartons for their relocation. Of course, the primary reason for this is money. If you are considering whether to use new moving boxes Kuwait for your packing, take a look at the following list:

Pros of packing with brand new boxes

  • Using new cartons ensures that you will have the highest level of protection for your items.
  • Using brand new boxes is safer.
  • You can get them quickly
  • They are easier to handle and label
  • They are easier to load into a moving truck
  • You can find different types of boxes
  • You can save them for your next relocation

Cons of packing with brand new boxes

  • Brand new boxes are more expensive
  • You will be sorry to throw them away after the move
An empty moving box
There are much more advantages in using brand new moving boxes

Only new cardboard can protect your items

Carton is not a particularly strong material. However, if you are careful with it, it can serve its purpose. Now think about free moving boxes. Do you think that they’ve been properly treated on their previous task? If you get boxes from a grocery or liquor store, you cannot hope that you are getting carefully treated boxes. In most cases, they have been thrown, wet, ripped, and who knows what else. Are you really going to send your sea freight unsecured like that? Of course, not.

Free moving boxes are a more sanitary option

Everyone likes to get things for free. However, that doesn’t mean that every free thing is also a good thing. To get moving boxes for free, you need to visit liquor stores, supermarkets, bookstores, go online. If you want to find enough boxes you need to gather them from various different sources. So you can’t really guarantee where all those boxes have been. This means potential germs, bug infestations, unidentified dirt, etc. If, on the other hand, you decide to pack your items into brand new moving boxes, you do not need to worry about that kind of stuff.

You can get brand new cartons quick and easy

As mentioned above, to get enough free boxes you need to go around town, visit various websites, and more. That also takes a lot of time. On the other hand, when you decide to buy brand new moving boxes, you just have to decide what you need, call residential moving companies Kuwait, and order your supply.

A man using phone
Call your movers and order your boxes

Free moving boxes require more effort

Using free moving boxes means that you are working with already labeled and taped boxes. Now you want to write something on the box but it is already labeled by the previous user. Or they have ripped the packing tape off the box and now you do not have where to stick your tape. You will probably find that some boxes are weaker, so you will need to strengthen the bottom as well.

New boxes are easier to stack

When you are buying new cartons, you usually have a few standard sizes available. You will have small, medium, and large boxes. When you have such uniform sizes, you will have a much easier time fitting them in the back of a moving truck.  If you can stack your boxes like a puzzle, you will need a smaller truck. That sometimes means cheaper relocation.

You will have a wider selection if you use brand new moving boxes

If you are using free moving boxes you usually cannot choose. You get what you find. One of the advantages of spending money on moving boxes is that you can find various types of specialty boxes. You can find boxes for your mirrors, paintings, mattresses, clothes, and even dishes. You cannot find these boxes for free. They are so good at protecting your items and making your packing easier.

Reusing brand new moving boxes

If you are moving frequently, get brand new moving boxes. If you take care of them, they can serve you at least a couple of times. This means that next time you move you do not have go box hunting and you have free moving boxes to use.

Flattened moving boxes
You can simply flatten your boxes after the move and save them for later use

If you decide to use brand new moving boxes you will need to pay

Of course, the most obvious downside of brand new moving boxes is the fact that you need to pay money for them. Of course, moving is not cheap. So it is not strange why a lot of people opt to use free boxes. However, as they are not so good at protecting your stuff, in worst scenarios, they can turn out to be much more expensive. Think well before you decide what to do.

Brand new boxes are not easy to get rid off

Finally, if you are using brand new moving boxes, after unpacking you will be standing in a pile of beautiful, near new, moving boxes. And you will be sorry to throw them away. You will then decide to flatten them carefully. This means you will need to do more work. And to find them a place to rest. This means you will need to find free storage space.

But it is probably worth the effort.