Post-move paperwork you need to handle

Moving house sure can be a draining process. All the boxes and all the people involved can overwhelm you. Once you finally move into your new house, you’re probably looking forward to some well-deserved downtime. However, before you forget all about the move and start relaxing, there’s some post-move paperwork you need to handle. Even though you don’t have to worry about moving services Kuwait anymore, you need to take care of some documents. This doesn’t have to take a long time. If you don’t procrastinate, you’ll be done in no time. In case you don’t know what paperwork you need to take care of, here are some examples.


If you want normal living conditions in your new home, you’ll have to handle all the paperwork concerning utilities. You can get this done even before you move. That’s a good way to make sure everything functions well when you move in. However, it’s understandable if you don’t manage to do this before the moving day. In that case, this can be your first step when handling the paperwork after the move. You need to call:

  • the water company
  • the gas company
  • the electric company
  • your cable provider
  • the telephone company
  • your Internet provider – the most important thing in 2019
  • and to finish off the post-move paperwork regarding utilities, take care of domestic waste collection.

Don’t forget to change your address when handling post-move paperwork

If you don’t want to miss any letters, bills, wedding invitations or monthly subscriptions, you should notify the Postal Service about your new address. The last thing you want is the new owner of your old house receiving your mail. Post that goes to the wrong address can complicate your life. So, to avoid unnecessary complications, go to the local post office and let them know that you have a new address. This doesn’t take a long time to do, but it is an important step of taking care of post-move documentation. It’s simpler than figuring out air freight Kuwait, so get it done ASAP.

Medical records

Medical record
When you’re handling post-relocation paperwork, don’t forget to transfer your medical records to your new health care provider.

Health is the most important thing, so you can’t neglect your medical records. When you’re taking care of paperwork after relocation, don’t forget to collect your medical records and take them with you. To avoid any problems with paperwork the next time you need to visit the doctor’s, choose a new health care provider and transfer your medical records to their database.

Veterinarian documents

Moving with pets can be very complicated in a lot of different ways. Just like you need to take care of yourself and your kids, you also need to pay attention to your pet. Don’t forget to transfer your pet’s veterinarian records. This is just as important as your medical files. If you forget to take these papers with you, give the vet a call and ask them to mail you the files. Then, you can transfer your pet to a new vet and your job is done.

Education documentation is another key part of post-move paperwork

If you are moving with your family, not only do you have to prepare your kids for the move, but you also need to think about their education records. Starting a new school can be stressful and intimidating for your kids, so you should try to make it easier for them. Make sure that all of their papers are in order so that there are no issues. The best thing to do is to contact the school and ask about all the papers that you need to transfer. Keep in mind that you might need to pay for some of these papers. Once you have gathered all the needed paperwork, take your kids to their new school and enroll.

Post-move paperwork regarding your car

A blue BMW parked on a street
You need to take care of some post-relocation paperwork regarding your car to make sure you can drive as soon as possible.

Nowadays, most people have a car and they can’t imagine their lives without one. If your car is your main means of transportation, you should remember to deal with the paperwork after you move house. You need to register your car to the new city that you moved to. Unless you want to have problems with the authorities, this is something you must do. If you’re moving to Kuwait from a different country, you’ll also have to research some things about your driver’s license. If you don’t have a valid license, you can’t register your car. Once you’ve taken care of your license and registration, you can check the insurance policy. Take these tasks seriously if you need your car and start handling the paperwork as soon as possible.


You need to inform your insurance company about your relocation. Before moving day, pay a visit to the company and inform them about your new address. Take all your insurance files with you and talk to your insurance agent. You need to make sure that both your pre-move and post-move paperwork is taken care of. Once you are in your new home, you have to start unpacking. While you’re getting everything out of boxes, check if all your things are in-tact. In case there are some damages, you should contact the moving company that helped you and your insurance company.

A checklist and a pink highlighter
Make a list of all the post-relocation paperwork you need to handle so you don’t forget anything.

To avoid any troubles while moving house, you should pay attention to the paperwork in advance. Make a list of post-move paperwork that you need to handle and help your future self. Don’t procrastinate before getting these things done. Take a few days to take care of all the documentation and then you can enjoy some resting time in your new home.