Moving to Saudi Arabia- the ultimate guide

Millions of people are moving to Saudi Arabia mainly to work. Since Saudi Arabia is an enormous economy, most people are relocating because of work. With the help of international moving companies, you will easily transport your belongings. However, you should know a few things before you move or decide to move. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a rich and long history and culture, although it is a relatively new state.

Find a job before moving to Saudi Arabia

The moving process and shipping to Saudi Arabia itself are not too complicated to accomplish. But, the other part of your relocation which includes paperwork, permits visas, etc. is much more demanding.

Saudi Arabia
Before relocating to KSA, you need to find a job

The main thing to do before you even begin planning is to look for a job

Saudi Arabia is very attractive for expats and many have already relocated. Precisely because of so many foreigners working there, the control over visas is much stricter now. If you have a job already waiting, you should know that usually companies are in charge of paperwork and permit procedures.

Start applying for a visa a couple of months before you are relocating. Depending on the type of entry visa, the application process could last longer.

Transporting your belongings

If you are moving for work, you will probably ship mostly your clothes and a few other smaller items. The best case, if you have furniture as well, is to hire a residential moving companies Kuwait and get professional help with the relocation. In any case, if you are planning to transport more than your luggage, it is better to have a professional moving company to organize your relocation. Long-distance moves or across-the-sea moves can be a logistic nightmare if you don’t know what you are doing.

cargo ship
Your items will probably be transported via cargo ship

The religious aspect of relocating to Saudi Arabia

When you are moving to the Middle East from Europe or America, it can be a shocking change. You should prepare yourself for quite different surroundings. Saudi Arabia is a very religious and pretty conservative state. It is best that you do some research and learn something about their culture and religion before you move. This will make your stay much easier and you’ll avoid accidentally offending somebody.

Living in the desert

Relocating to Saudi Arabia means you will be relocating to the Arabian Desert. Most people have a hard time getting used to its hot desert climate. However, if you are moving from Kuwait, for example, you know what to expect. Just make sure that you have appropriate clothes and shoes. Have in mind that residents are conservative, so dress properly.

Don’t forget about insurance

Health insurance is a must wherever you are living and working. So, get health insurance with a lower premium at least for the beginning. After you consider different areas of coverage and their benefits, you can change your insurance policy. Settling in can last a while so it is better to be covered instead of waiting to buy medical insurance. Also, if you are still in a process of buying or renting a property, you can use storage units Kuwait and keep your belongings until you settle down. Use whatever you can, so you have an easier transition in the beginning. Once you are accustomed, you will be happy for moving to Saudi Arabia.