Moving an aquarium long-distance

So, you are moving and things get a bit more stressful once you see that you have a huge aquarium to move. You cannot simply take it, put it into the moving truck and drive it away. It is a bit more complicated than that. However, this is nothing to be worried about. It is completely manageable to move it without damaging the aquarium or hurting any of the creatures inside the aquarium. Moving an aquarium with some tips and tricks has never been easier. By following the pointers below, you will make this seemingly difficult thing very easy to do. So, here it goes, tips and tricks on moving an aquarium.

Moving an aquarium with green plants
Making sure that you transport your fish safely is more important than the transport of the aquarium

Moving an aquarium-step by step

Moving an aquarium requires you to start preparations much earlier. This means that preparations should start at least two or three weeks before the moving day. It is not the same moving an aquarium long-distance and short-distance. As you may assume moving an aquarium long-distance is somewhat more complicated. It takes more preparations and more of the special packing material. Going to the right store is important. Make a list of the things you need and go shopping for:

  • Fishnet
  • Dispensers in which you will transport the fish
  • The air pump that doesn’t work on electricity
  • More dispensers for the material from the tank
  • Moving blanket
  • Boxes
  • Labels
  • Packing paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape

This is the material you would need more or less. It may vary depending on what type of the aquarium you have, how big it is, and how many fish do you have.

How to transport the fish and aquarium decoration

It is not as simple as it sounds. Moving an aquarium means that obviously, you should move the fish and everything else you have in the tank. There are safe ways to do that. The last thing you need is to see a broken or in any way damaged aquarium upon your arrival to your new home. That is why you have to pack carefully. When we mentioned the packing material, we said that you will need moving blankets, packing paper and boxes. This part of the material goes to packing the aquarium and other essentials.

A number of fish in a tank
Make sure to get an air pump for your fish

Part two of the tank packing

It is pretty simple and straightforward to pack the aquarium in the right way so it doesn’t break during the transport. What you need to do, after removing the fish from the tank and moving them safely to the dispensers with air pumps you previously bought, is the following: Wrap the packing paper all over the aquarium and put the significant amount of that paper inside of the tank.

Next step would be to put the tank inside of a moving blanket. These things are great to have when moving and any moving company will be able to rent you one. The last step would be to put the aquarium all tucked in inside of a box. What is extremely important at this moment is to label the box as fragile! In this way, you can rest assure that the movers will be extra careful with the transport of this particular box.

Moving the things from the aquarium

Besides fish and the aquarium, there are other things from the aquarium that you should properly pack for long-distance transport. Usually, tanks have a lot of let’s call them ornaments. Things like plants, and maybe things like little castles, rocks, etc. You should pack them well also. You cannot simply throw them in a box and that is it. It is easy to pack these things. When it comes to the plants from the aquarium, they are somewhat a bit more complicated to pack, since they need water.

One of the great tricks that you can use, is to wrap them in a wet paper and then put them in a plastic bucket filled with water in which you will transport them. The paper will keep them under the water. In this way, they should be good to go. Other ornaments simply pack as you would pack dishes. For any concern, or a question you should check out expert packers and movers in Kuwait where you can find absolutely everything you need regarding this subject.

Moving the fish

Lastly and most importantly let’s check some tips on how to move fish from the aquarium. A big no-no is to move the whole aquarium while the fish is still inside. This is like signing a death certificate to your lovely fish. If you do this, your fish will not survive and your aquarium will probably get broken in the process. That is why you should have all the material necessary for this transportation. In almost any pet store you will be able to find clean dispensers in which you can transport the fish.

A colourful fish in a tank
Moving the fish is the most important part of the whole process of moving. You ought to do it right

What is important is not to overfill those dispensers with water. It should be a bit more than half full. Also, buy an air pump that doesn’t require electricity to work. These dispensers should have lids that will prevent the water from running out. In case that you cannot find such dispensers, there are special bags for this purpose as well. It is important to move your fish fast no matter how good you pack them for the transport. They are fragile creatures and can get very stressed out.

Moving an aquarium should take time. You cannot be in a hurry. Yes, you should transport your fish as fast as possible but you should pack everything very calmly and slowly. Once you pack everything in a good way, you can start the moving, not before that. If you are not sure about all this you can always hire professionals and they will do it for you. For any shipping requires you can always go to freight forwarders in Kuwait and rest assured that everything will be done in the best way possible and on time. Hopefully, everything will go okay and you will enjoy spending time in front of your aquarium very soon.