How to keep your children entertained on the moving day

Nowadays, relocations are much more frequent. We are moving from city to city, mostly for work, and we are also moving countries more and more often. Any change is difficult, especially when you change countries. Keeping your children entertained on a moving day can be rather complicated. International moving companies will make things a lot easier. A good moving company can save you a lot of money, time and nerves. Before you know it, you will have hired one of the best international movers in Kuwait and will be well on your way to your destination country.

Pick the right time when moving with children

If you want to organize a successful move with small children, prepare well for the day. But, if you have a choice, be sure to determine the exact time of the move in advance and choose to have it happen in a quieter period of your children’s life. Be sure to keep in mind school obligations. Also, avoid relocating during major changes in children, such as changing bedtime.

Family in their new home - keeping your children entertained on the moving day
In addition to trying to entertain children as you move, let them take an active part in the process

Moving is a big stress, especially with children

According to research, moving is one of the most stressful situations in life. Whether you move with your children to another city or just around the corner, moving complicates life. Everyone who has had experience with relocations knows that. And when it comes to moving with children, then the circumstances are even more difficult. Psychologists say moving with children raises stress levels to critical. 

On the brighter side! Children are much more resilient than their parents think, and in most cases, they can be incredibly adaptable. Take the time to prepare them for the move that awaits them. Listen to their views and show understanding of their relocation problems. Try to encourage them to understand the move as just one more adventure, and you will have a good chance that the whole relocation process will pass without any major setbacks and problems.

How you can prepare for moving day?

Make a detailed plan of your move. For any job that requires several steps, some of which you can’t even predict, it is necessary to have a reminder on paper, in the form of a list of tasks, and what to do. This will give you a sense of control and make it easier to put everything into action.

Consider hiring a relocation agency

You can relocate on your own, but you can also hire a relocation agency. This way you can make the whole relocation process easier for yourself and your family. There are a lot of moving companies in Kuwait, so before you decide on one of them, get informed, google, and compare the services and benefits they offer. Find out what the prices are and if you are able, ask former clients about the quality of services that a particular agency offers.

Prepare children for what awaits them

Younger children may not have a good understanding of the term “relocation” and what it means to “move”. Explain to them exactly, in detail, what a move is and what will happen after it. For example:

  • Show them on the map where the new place you are moving to is located
  • Try to get them some literature or a moving guide that is suitable for their age
  • Show them the picture of their room in the new house and ask them for decorating ideas
  • Point out the positive things about the new house

    Packing boxes with children - keep your children entertained on the moving day
    By playing and having fun the children will help you pack for moving

Entertain children during the move

Allow the little ones to help you with the packing, let them pack some of their personal belongings themselves. Even younger children can separate their toys and help protect objects by covering them with paper or bubble wrap. If you plan on not putting some things into a new home, let the kids decide for themselves what to keep, and what not.

Make moving fun for children

Every move is a turning point in life, and completely disrupts your child’s routine. So let the children be entertained on a moving day do something you would not otherwise allow them to do. This is not a situation where you should worry about what is good for the child. You know snacks aren’t good, but this is only one day, and they can help a lot. It goes the same for cartoons or games. Whatever it takes for a child to get through the journey more easily, especially if it’s a long one. Make it easy for the kids, because it will be easier for you as well.

Think carefully about what you will bring to your new home

Children grow up fast, so you certainly have things that have outgrown them, and toys that are no longer interesting to them. If for some reason you want to save them, a warehouse company is an ideal solution. There are some really good warehousing companies in Kuwait for you to choose from. A good piece of advice would be to make sure that your children don’t see everything you are putting away. If you are temporarily moving, you can store some of the things that you do not need at the moment, but do not want to throw them away.

Emergency bag

You know that even ordinary travel with children is stressful and requires long preparation. You need to have everything you need, from food to wet wipes and emergency medications. Get a small backpack or travel bag that will be with the child at all times during the move. Children can keep special items in that bag, such as dolls, books, or their favorite blankets. Also, be sure to pack toys that children will play with while traveling by car or flying by plane.

Emergency bag - keep your children entertained on the moving day
Pack all the things you may need on the moving day in a practical bag to help keep your children entertained

All this is necessary to preserve your and your child’s peace of mind during the trip. It will also be useful to have emergency items at hand. When you move to a new home, it will take you a few days to unpack.

You’ve arrived at your new home, now what?

If you immediately start taking everything out of the box, you will have a lot of things all over the house, and that will create unnecessary stress for everyone. Do not rush, unpack first what you need the most and then slowly, box by box. When you move into your new home, some things will have to change. But try your best to keep the rituals that are most important to your children.

Make that day special for them, ask them for their opinions and ideas on how to furnish a new home. Visit the surroundings, find a beautiful park nearby or a place you know your child would like. Keep your children entertained on the moving day by letting them play with the empty boxes, making forts and castles.