Items you Shouldn’t Store Long-Term

There are items that you should not store long-term. For many reasons, those items are not acceptable to leaving in storage and forget about it. You should learn which are those items and avoid storing them. Otherwise, you will pay the shipping to Bahrain for nothing. And that transport is not cheap at all. Among everyday things that you must not store for an extended period are mostly dangerous and perishable items.

People should not use containers for perishable items
  • It is obvious why perishable items you must not store long-term – although you may think that you will control them and take them back on time, people forget for dates;
  • Damageable items are useful to keep somewhere where you can see and check them often – you have indeed taken good storage from Easy Move Kuwait, but sometimes items could damage when not checked often;
  • There is a particular reason why you must not storage hazardous liquids – especially not for the long term because they could spoil or create a chemical reaction;
  • People who use storage for things that use often should not store them for a longer time – you will make a mess in storage when open often;
  • Do not put a wardrobe in storage because it is pointless – you can find it when it is out of fashion so that you will throw away anyway.

Storages are great for spare things that you do not use often. However, you should not use them for the long term if not sure about usage. Usually, people use it for seasoned wardrobe or furniture from larger homes. However, learn which items you should not put in storage for longer than six months.

What to consider if you want to store long-term

It is not wrong to rent storage for an extended period or even buy it. However, you should use it for special occasions. It is especially important if you have a company or office with furniture that you may use later again. If you need to have long-term storage, learn which could put in them and which circumstances. People usually forget for their warehouses, so open it too late and throw everything.

Your items are protected

People usually feel secure when they put things in storage. They have a reason for that since repositories are well-protected. However, business movers Kuwait have faced people who forgot about their items. If you have put things under the key, they are not visible. It is easy to forget about them. So, do not allow yourself to visit your storage one a year.

Protect items inside

You will surely put their things that are dangerous in some circumstances. It is good to protect them, like wrap blades or power tools. You will not use them, but they have sharp edges that somehow could damage other items. You should use quality moving boxes in Kuwait. Power tools have batteries that could make problems, too.

Watch out for temperature

High temperature is not suitable for anyone. Even if you have a wardrobe or old furniture. However, if you have things with acid, hazardous liquid, or plastic, the high temperature could ruin them. If you must use storage for the long term, find those with temperature control.

You should protect from water

Useful storages have protection from water and humidity. However, you should learn about pests, mold, and moisture. It could cause severe damage to your items. Also, it is hard to control it in storage. Try to rent storage with low humidity. If not, you should not use it for the long-term.

Protect items inside of the storage from water and humidity

Which items could damage other things when storage long-term

Some things could survive everything but could damage other items. You should learn which are most dangerous and how to protect other items in storage. While some of them could fall, others contain acid or hazardous materials. They could ruin everything in storage if not check often.

Be careful of unstable items

If you cannot put items in storage and leave it like that, big things could easily fall. Even if you have protected it, move to the corner, you cannot predict when the terrain will have small vibrations. So, make a good layout and move large items to the sides.

Avoid hazardous materials

You should be exceptionally careful with hazardous materials. If you can avoid renting them, do not put them in storage. However, there are liquids or materials that you are not aware of their danger. Most of them are acid from batteries, fuel, rigid materials. Learn how to storage properly.


It is for sure that acid from batteries is hazardous, especially if stored for the long term. However, batteries are dangerous even if not full of acid. They are made of plastic that could melt, have buttons that could fall off, and indeed could be hazardous. Do not store them; it is better to recycle.

Items that could spoil or damage if storage long-term

You can put in your storage items that will damage or spoil in storage. Although storage should protect everything, it is dangerous to put things there for an extended period. Learn how some materials could damage, expire, or break if not used often. You should know which to put close to them and how they react with other materials.

Protect from insects

The most dangerous for wood is to have mold, insects, and pests. When putting them in storage, you cannot control them from wood-destroying insects. Luckily, there are a lot of preparations that you can use for these purposes.

There are a lot of things that you should not put in storage for a long time

Especially pay attention to valuable items

Although you have placed your valuable items in storage, you have not protected them in that way. There are a lot of things that could damage it—starting from pests, mold, to damaging. Do not leave valuable items there. It is much better to leave them at your home.

Watch out of stealing

Everybody would love to protect items from stealing. The question is if storages are suitable for it. Some of the warehouses have video protection and guards. However, do not store valuable long-term items. You never know what could happen there.