Items you should put to storage before the moving day

Moving from one home to another can be quite challenging. The process takes a lot of time and involves many tasks and activities. You need to research moving companies in Kuwait, organize all your personal belongings, and decide what to do with appliances and furniture pieces. In addition, consider renting a storage facility and think about which items you should put to storage before the moving day. We have prepared a guide that will facilitate the relocation process and make the moving day as stress-free as possible.

Is renting storage a good idea?

Renting a storage unit during the moving process can make your move a lot easier. It can be a very practical solution if you don’t have enough space in your new home for all your things. Also, if you don’t know where everything goes you can keep your belongings in a storage facility and transport them into your new home once you find the perfect place for everything. Renting storage before the moving day can also be a great idea. It is much easier to move in stages then to transport everything at once. You will be more flexible and less stressed, knowing that all you possessions are in good condition and safely stored.

There are many items you should put to storage before the moving day
Storage units can be very convenient during the moving process

These are items you should put to storage

If you want to clear certain parts of your home before the moving day, these are some of the items you should put to storage.

  • Pieces of furniture are some of the most commonly stored items. The reason for that is the fact that furniture pieces are usually bulky and large. They take a lot of space and there are many items you can store before the moving day and deal without, such as patio furniture, cabinets, shelves, etc.
  • Seasonal items such as clothes and decorations. Store clothes that are out of season and shoes you don’t currently wear. For example, you can store your summer clothes during a winter move and vice versa. Also, there is seasonal equipment you won’t need weeks before the move such as summer or snow tires, or ski equipment. Items you should put to storage are holiday decorations. They usually take a lot of space and you can put them away unit you need them, which is basically once or twice a year.
  • Store documents and books in advance, so that you don’t have to transport everything on a moving day. However, make sure to choose climate-controlled facility to avoid any possible damage. Temperature-controlled units prevent mold, mildew, extreme heat and cold.
  • Artwork and collectibles should also be stored in climate-controlled units as these are your valuable possessions. Find reliable and secure warehousing companies in Kuwait because these items are irreplaceable and have great sentimental value.
A woman labeling boxes
Pieces of clothes you don’t currently wear are items you should put to storage before the moving day

How to pack items you should put to storage?

It is very important to protect and pack your belongings properly. But, before you start packing, think about which items you actually need and want to keep. Remember that the cost of international moving companies depends on different factors, and one of those factors is the size of the move. So, declutter your home first and get rid of unnecessary things such as furniture pieces that won’t fit into your new home or clothes you no longer wear.

Once you decide which items you want to transport to your new home, gather packing supplies. Always use quality packing materials. You will need cardboard boxes of different sizes, packing paper, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, scissors, and tape. Learn proper packing techniques and protect each item before placing it in a moving box. Labeling all your boxes clearly is very important to keep your belongings secure and organized.

Choose the right storage facility

There are different factors to consider when choosing a storage facility. Safety is your main priority so make sure the unit you rent has 24/7 surveillance, fences, guards, and an alarm system. It is best to choose a storage unit that is close to your new home so that you would have easy access and be able to move in stages. Finally, choose the right size unit. In order to determine which size you need, it is best to make a list of items you will put to storage. Medium storage units range between 25 and 50 square feet, medium ones provide around 100 square feet, and large units provide 200-300 square feet of storage space.

What not to put in storage

It is very important to check warehouse companies’ policies regarding items you cannot store. Food can attract insects or rodents and is usually not allowed in storage facilities. Hazardous materials, which can burn and explode, are forbidden. Chemicals, gases, fuel, oils, pesticides, and fireworks are dangerous and pose a risk to human health. Also, you cannot store guns and ammunition.

A woman packing boxes
Get rid of things you don’t need. You can sell, toss, or donate them

Do you need a moving company?

Although some people decide to move on their own, we recommend hiring professional movers if you are an inexperienced mover. Especially if you are organizing a long-distance or international move. Experienced and well-trained movers can handle every aspect of your relocation. They can disassemble your furniture, pack all your things, transport them, and help you find the appropriate storage unit.

When you start looking for professional movers, pay attention to several factors. First, the company you choose should have a valid license. Otherwise, you risk being a victim of a moving scam. Secondly, they should have plenty of experience with your type of move and meet all your needs. Then, make a short list of companies that fit your budget and request several moving estimates.

We hope that this guide has helped you understand which items you should put to storage before the moving day, how to find the right moving company, and organize your relocation.