Items you should buy before the moving day

There are a lot of items you should buy before moving day. However, many forget about them or do not purchase them on time. The best way to avoid problems is to make a list of items that you will need and try to pack bags properly and on time. Choosing one of the best moving companies in Kuwait will help move, too.

Items you should buy before the moving day

Since you packed all you have into the bags and boxes, you need to organize your traveling properly. It would be not easy, even more than on common traveling. To avoid those problems and prepare for them on time, list the items you need to transport and pack all properly.

Items you should buy before the moving day are those that you will use right after moving

Clean bedding, pillows, and towels

Maybe you have not considered the first nights after the move, but you will need to rely on clean sheets and towels before unpacking the used ones. Not only will it help in unpacking, but it could also provide comfort these days, especially if you sleep in a new home, on unpacked boxes, and without a bed. Suppose you want to have comfortable first days after moving. In that case, you should rely on one of the most professional international moving companies so the days after moving could be much easier and more relaxed.

Cleaning supplies

When you unpack the boxes and start with the ordinary life, you will need to clean a couple of times before it. Presuming that the old owner of the home has cleaned the house, you surely expect that the space is good enough for the first days. Experts recommend leaving the furniture in storage, so consider relying on one of the best warehousing companies in Kuwait. However, you cannot control dust, and pests, so usually, you will need to clean after each part of unpacking. It is difficult to go to the store every time and buy whatever you need.


You will need those supplies whenever you move and surely will need to use them while traveling to the new destination. However, you will need to prepare them even for the days after moving. There are many reasons why it is important to have it by hand, especially if you travel long distances. On the other hand, after moving, you will need to use them for the first couple of days, which will help you to avoid stress and troubles. It is surely a way to cope with the moving stress before relocation.

Basic home tool

Although it will be the last thing on your mind, you must repair a few things before unpacking. A house that you will move in may be too long empty, or the old owner has not repaired all the damages. Also, you will need essential equipment for assembling the furniture, screwdrivers, and a hammer. There are a lot of things that you can finish on your own before calling the housekeeper. After all, it will save time, money, and nerves.

Do not forget to pack medicine when moving

Fire Extinguisher

Do not forget that you will be at the new home where nobody lived maybe for weeks. You cannot know the situation in a new kitchen and if there are problems with cords or gas and electricity distribution. For those reasons, it would be much better to pack a fire extinguisher and prevent fire in your new home. It is something that you surely should have in your home, so buy it before moving just in case.

Some items will help you during the traveling

Although you are sure you have packed everything for the move, do not forget that you will need to travel to the destination, too. It is a trip like any other, so prepare for it properly. You should have all you usually have when traveling.


Preparing medicine if you have a chronic disease is crucial; pack them before moving. However, you should also pack prescriptions and a medical report. You will save time for checking at a new doctor and for the medical examination during the days when you are in a rush. On the other hand, you must pack medicine in a bag, even if you are not planning to travel a lot because you do not know what could happen during the traveling.

Snacks and water

You should pack food and drink even if you have planned to travel a short distance. It is impossible to prepare for all circumstances, and there could be numerous troubles during the transportation. The problem becomes more difficult if you travel with pets and children.

  • Packing food is important if you have a lot of passengers like children and pets – pack their favorite food;
  • You always should have a lot of water with you, so do not forget to pack a bottle in each bag;
  • Snacks could help during the stress, so those are items you should buy before moving – but make sure they are healthy.

    You will need a phone and chargers after moving

Overnight bag

Nobody can tell you what the first night could look like. There are situations when you will be forced to spend a night on the floor with only a mattress. It is impossible to stay relaxed and focused when having those unpleasant problems. So, make sure you have packed a bag for these purposes, and pack a bag that will help avoid the issues.

A new home has the same rules as the old one

After the move, you still have many things to do. It is why packing and unpacking are very important, so make sure that you have made it as easy as possible.

Electric charges

It is easy to forget them since they are usually always at our table. However, you will need them during traveling and after the move. Experts recommend packing at least two of them because the whole family will have phones with empty batteries after the move. On the other hand, a phone will be needed during those first days. It would be a lot easier to buy new chargers and then pack them into the bags before packing, so they are items you should buy before the moving day.