How to write an objective moving review

Choosing a moving company that suits your needs is a big decision. It might be the biggest decision that you need to do during a move. But in the end, it is the thing that will change your moving experience drastically. Hiring some Kuwait movers will change your experience for the better. Before you hire a certain mover, you will always read reviews. It is always better to have someone’s positive experience backing up your decision. For that reason, it would be nice to write an objective moving review if you have recently moved. You can help someone make a decision the way someone else helped you.

Why is it advised to write an objective moving review?

The majority of people search the internet when they need something. If you don’t have a personal recommendation for some international movers Kuwait, reviews are your best friend. This way, you see how the company treated its customers in the past. Now that it’s your turn to write an objective moving review, you can use these tips:

  • Include the date and location
  • Note your impressions
  • Mention anything you didn’t expect
  • Write about punctuality
  • Summarize your thoughts
Three calendars on a white surface
The date and location can help people find similarities with your move

Date and location

In order for people to get a general idea of how your move went, make sure to mention whether it was a long-distance or local move, whether you moved during the summer or winter. This will help people find similarities between their and your move. Writing reviews about some climate controlled storage units will also help if you had an experience with them. You don’t have to do into details, the basics will suffice.

Note your impressions

Were your packing service providers Kuwait professional and happy to answer your questions? Or were they rude and impolite? Make sure to note whatever impression they gave you, since this will help many people make their final decision.

Mention anything you didn’t expect

This can apply for both good and bad things. If your movers give you a discount you didn’t expect or didn’t offer some service they promised, make sure to include it in your review. No one likes unexpected surprises, and this can help someone who’s in the middle of the stressful moving process.

Write about punctuality when you write an objective moving review

Punctuality is always important, not just when moving. If your movers showed up on time for the moving estimate, moving day, and delivery, make sure to include that. If they were late because of things that they couldn’t control, like traffic, how did they handle that?

Person using a laptop
Don’t forget to write a summary

Summarize your thoughts

After writing your review, make sure to write a short summary. It should be one or two sentences long, talking about your overall impression of the whole process. Also mention if you think the cost was fair and whether you would recommend them to a friend or use their services again.

Whatever your moving experience has been like, make sure to write an objective moving review. People always tend to write a review if they had a bad experience, but don’t do it for a good experience. Instead of giving 5 stars, write a thorough review of all the things you liked or disliked.