How to track your shipment?

You must keep an eye on your orders to ensure that they reach their next destination or your customers successfully. After you fill in your order, you will get a tracking number by your cargo shipping companies in Kuwait. Your freight forwarding company will provide you with a tracking service system that will notify you about the status of your shipment. This article is here to show you the ins and outs of this system, so keep on reading to learn how to track your shipment.

man on his tablet trying to track your shipment
The tracking number is not confidential information, but it is a unique number that is important only to you. Therefore, you shouldn’t share it online.

Let’s see how well you know what format the tracking number has

This is how the tracking system with carriers (especially overseas) works. Your parcel, like every other package traveling via a carrier, has a unique barcode. The tracking number always consists of letters and numbers and is generally 8-40 characters long. After receiving the tracking number, you can copy-paste it to the tracking tool of the courier company. If you have selected the correct number, you will be able to track your international shipment within seconds. Now let’s see what could be happening with your parcel when you see in the tracking status that the shipment has not moved for some time. Read below to see all the possible outcomes and solutions when it comes to the tracking code status.

When you track your shipment, you can get the following statuses:

1. Pending

This tracking code status means that the company has just processed your order. Therefore, there is no tracking information yet. Depending on your freight forwarders in Kuwait, it may take them around 5-7 days until the tracking information starts showing up.

2. Unrecognized

This code status means you cannot track your shipment at the moment. The most common issue here is that either the supplier has given you a faulty tracking code (one that does not exist) or the system is not able to recognize it. Just report it to our representatives via our website, and they should be able to fix it in no time! At Easy Move, we train to care for your possessions as we would for our own. We promise to handle them with the best care possible so that your things are secure during transit.

3. Track your shipment in transit

This tracking code status means that you can finally begin to track your shipment in real-time. Your products have been dispatched or departed from their country of origin. It can also mean that your parcel has entered its destination country and is pending for the customs inspection.

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If you know you previously had a tracking number but lost it, don’t worry, you will be able to easily recover it by contacting your carrier.

4. Pick up

If you receive or see this tracking code status, it means that your shipment arrived at the local delivery checkpoint or is ready for delivery. Generally, when you track your shipment, your carrier will have a collect deadline. Therefore, Easy Move KW professionals would recommend you to pick it up yourself. Or if you are shipping products for commercial reasons, you need to contact your customer asking to arrange the package pickup.

5. You track your shipment, and you get an ‘Expired status’

This code signifies that the package was in the transportation period for a long time. However, because no one has delivered it, it either got lost during the transportation, or the carrier had incorrect information about the delivery point. You will have to contact your carrier and notify them that you haven’t received your package. That way, they can send it again.

6. You track your shipment and you receive an ‘Alert’:

You track your shipment, and you get an ‘alert status’, which signifies that your shipment underwent unusual shipping conditions. Note that this status may occur due to several reasons. For example, if you are shipping for commercial reasons, your customer has refused the package. Secondly, there could have been the issue of an incorrect/illegible/incomplete address. Next, sometimes the retention period has expired due to the customer’s absence.

Also, customs officers at the destination country could have retained the package due to any of the following reasons:

  • Contains prohibited items or substances;
  • Importation of the goods is not allowed;
  • Retained by customs duty due to tax payable;
  • Finally, your cargo may have suffered damage or was lost during transportation.

7. Does the status say ‘Undelivered’?

  • This type of status means that your package was almost ready for delivery, but the delivery has failed. Potential reasons are:
  • Firstly, the customer was not at the address at the time of delivery;
  • Secondly, the delivery may have experienced delays and reschedules;
  • Thirdly, a customer might have requested the delivery to be on a later date;
  • Finally, there could have been a problem with the delivery point. For instance, the carrier was not able to locate premises, especially if they were in rural or remote areas.

8. You track your shipment, and you get the status: ‘Returned’

You follow the tracking number of your shipment, and you get the ‘Returned’ tracking status. This just means that the carrier has returned your package to the supplier. If such an event has occurred, we would recommend contacting the supplier.

9. Delivered

Stating the obvious, but the tracking status ‘Delivered’ means that the package has successfully reached its final destination. If the customer is still claiming that they did not get the package, we suggest contacting the carrier for the clarification.

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Always make sure that you have given your freight forwarder the right information about the shipment.

If you cannot track your shipment, there is another way to check the status of your package

It can happen that the package has already arrived at its destination. Yet, you, as the sender, still do not have any news on this status change. The easiest way to know if your parcel has made it to the hands of the customer is to call/e-mail the customer. Do it as soon as the estimated delivery time (EDT) has run out and you haven’t heard from the client.

Sometimes, the tracking number is not on the receipt you receive upon purchasing the service, instead, you can find it in the confirmation e-mail. Even if you were not able to locate the tracking number, you can contact our company and we will check for any other information that’s on the receipt. We will find a way to know in which transit location your shipment was recently scanned. Have a seamless shipping experience by booking us, and see for yourself why we have such a long and successful tracking record with our customers.