How to reduce the overall price of your relocation

One thing is for certain in the business of relocation – moving isn’t cheap. Not even close, and especially if you have to face international, long-distance moves. Relocations no only take a lot of energy and take a heavy toll on your time, but also present a significant financial challenge. Therefore, it is only normal that you should be doing everything in your power to reduce the overall price of your relocation. Thankfully, we have advice on how to do exactly that.

Plan ahead

Firstly, planning is everything. And that is a universal rule. It doesn’t matter if you are planning a quick, local, DIY relocation or are managing shipping companies in Kuwait. The simple fact is that planning is necessary, even when the plan itself has little chances of surviving the ordeal that is about to happen. 

Have everything on paper!

Of course, just because you should always plan does not mean that all plans are the same, and neither they should be. A plan for a two-hour relocation should not and could not possibly hold the same levels of complexity as shipping two crates from Kuwait City to London. 

However, it is the principle that matters. Draw plans, as it will make you realize the steps that you need to take. Once you have them, you can focus on making the most affordable options work in any of the given steps, therefore you will reduce the overall price of your relocation.


If you are to move with at the lowest hit for your budget as possible, you might consider moving the light. This is because of the way moving costs are calculated. Let us clarify.

Moving costs are mainly dependent on the following factors:

  • Weight. Weight is crucial as it is in direct correlation with the expences of the mover. Making a truck heavier means more fuel and more work for the loading-unloading process. For this reason, your downsizing is definitely a way to reduce the overall price of your relocation.
  • Time spent. However, when it is not the weight that matters the most it is time. This is more the case for the local movers as to them weight is of lesser concern. Here too does downsizing help as it provides fewer items for the loading, therefore shortening the process.
  • Additional services. Here you can influence the cost the most, as this is in direct relation to your wishes. Want appliance installation, packing, and unpacking, etc… you have to do it yourself or pay.

For this reason, downsizing is vital. You can do it by doing three main things. You can either sell your items online or in a garage sale. Alternatively can donate them to a cause that you believe will take them or simply throw them away should you see no use for anyone could get out of it. Of course, all three are alternatives to simply keeping it…

Reduce the overall price of your relocation with discounts

Discounts are a great opportunity to reduce the overall price of your relocation. And there are many, many discounts you can look up. If one mover does not offer them, simply move to the next. Almost always there is some way to bring the price down, all you need is a discount that is suitable for you.

Reduce the overall price of your relocation with 10% discounts
A 10% discount can mean a lot!

A lot of business movers Kuwait and around the world will offer discounts to three main groups of the population. Firstly, to the students. Students have a lot of discounts already, and the moving world is no different. Not underserved, of course. Secondly, the armed forces. Military discounts are much more in use in America than anywhere else, but they are not unheard of in other places of the globe in which you might need moving services. Finally, and almost universally, there are senior discounts. These are aimed at those who passed into the third, golden age (around the 65th year of life in most cases). If you find yourself in this category, the chances of you having a discount on offer are quite big.

Reuse packing material

A good way to reduce the overall price of your relocation – reuse old materials. There is no reason why you absolutely have to take new packing material for your residential moving companies Kuwait relocation. Why not reuse? There are absolutely tons of options for getting stuff absolutely free, especially cardboard boxes. You can visit a local shop or a supermarket asking for boxes, you can search on craigslist, maybe pay a dollar at a dollar shop or simply get them of freecycle.

Whatever the option most suitable for you, one thing is for sure. There is no good reason not to do it. By reusing, not only are you saving up your pocket, but also the planet –  in a small way, but still…

Pack by yourself

A lot of companies offer packing and unpacking services together with their loading and unloading services. If you are to save money, these are to be avoided. Instead of hiring movers to do it, you can organize with some checklists and packaging materials you can easily finde for cheap, or even free. If you both pack and move, you will save even more money, but that is extreme.

Get help for the move

A great way to save some money is to ask friends for a helping hand. Having unpaid yet willing work by your side.

Get the help of a friend!

Of course, you will reward them for a job well done with some bears, other drinks or snacks!

Final notes

In the end, the main thing about tips on how to reduce the overall price of your relocation is to know what are things you can do without. Moving companies nowadays, thankfully, offer many, many additional services. These make one’s life easier but also wallet lighter. Thos kind of costs is the ones you can do most to cut. Simply don’t use the services, doing it yourself, and you will save quite a lot of money.