How to pick the right cargo company for your needs?

You have prepared your cargo for shipping, and now the time has come to pick the right cargo company. What you need is a trustworthy, reasonably priced, and dependable shipping company. Doing the proper research can go a long way in helping you decide what cargo company to choose. If you have just started your business, picking the right freight forwarding company can make it or break it. Below you can see what things to look out for, what to ask, and what matters most when making your choice.

Verify the licensing and registration of the cargo company

Checking if your cargo shipping company is fully compliant with the moving industry is vital. Compare their licensing and registration. AMSA, FIDI, or RIM are reputable associations with which high-end international movers want to be affiliated with.

A ship with cargo, time to pick the right cargo company
It is crucial to do proper research before you pick the right cargo company

Every company offers a great number of various cargo loading services. When you start looking for cargo companies in Kuwait, ask about the loading services offered. Door-to-door shipping is one of the most popular ones. The shipping company would handle the packing, loading, and delivery of your items exactly to your destination. Additionally, this will spare you the hassle because everything would be handled by the shipping company for you.

Capacity and container size is crucial when you need to pick the right cargo company

The size of your container will depend on the things that you want to ship and what you want to leave.  Most good shipping companies off container sizes of 20’ or 40’. For instance, cargoes such as vehicles and household goods are ordinarily shipped like this. You may need climate-controlled containers, an option provided by good companies doing shipping to Saudi Arabia, if shipping something biodegradable.

For furniture, fine art, antique pictures, and other items that may be badly influenced by heat use a climate-controlled container. It will preserve your items and they will arrive in perfect condition. As for the rest of your items, standard shipping containers should be absolutely fine.

How is your cargo tracked and what affects the full price?

Tracking your cargo has never been easier than in today’s world. You are most likely to receive a code with which you would be able to track your cargo. If not, you are going to receive emails that will notify you of your item’s travel progress. Either way, ask about these services and check if there is an additional charge for that service. Make an effort to get as much information as you can about the way the company performs the tracking.

Some cargo shipping companies may present you with one price and list additional charges afterward. Ask about insurance, fuel, tracking, and other fees, and make sure to compare the full price of the items shipped. Before picking the right cargo company, you should know the breakdown of the full price.

A man checking his tablet
Thanks to technology, we are able to track our shipments during their journey

Make sure that the company meets the industry standards. It should adhere to the laws and regulations set by the government where the shipment is heading. Also important is that the freight forwarder of your choice has a global network of professional agents that can handle your container upon its arrival at your set destination. It is after all up to them to deliver and unpack your belongings at your new residence.

Check the company’s safety records and what insurance are they offering

One of the major steamship lines will be transporting your cargo, possessing reliable vessels, and operating procedures. You should ask your international moving company who they use for shipping your goods. Take a look at their company values regarding the handling of items. Check if their ships have had any safety issues and check their safety certificates on their website.

Customarily shipping companies offer insurance that covers your cargo from the beginning till the end of the journey. Nonetheless, you should still ask if they are providing it. You would need to have it, especially in case that something goes wrong with their vessel.  You can purchase optional extra insurance for your goods. Shipping companies may have insurance partners, and it is likely that they will suggest them.

What type of holding facilities does the company provide?

In case your goods arrive earlier or later than expected, you should know where are they going to be stored. You should ask where would they be in such a situation and about possible fees for such a service. Additionally, ask if storage days are included once your cargo has arrived. Get information about the fee for keeping your items if you are picking them up late. More importantly, ask where they are holding them, and should you need them, if the facility has climate-controlled storage spaces.

Customer service operator busy
The right customer service will make your experience smoother

Pick the correct cargo company based on great customer service

It is crucial to have great customer service, no matter what the industry. After all, you are putting your trust into the company to deliver your stuff in one piece. A hallmark of excellent customer service is that you are able to communicate with the agent handling your cargo. They will have a high level of responsiveness and open lines of communication enabling you to get information about your shipment. You will also get notified if there are any delays or problems regarding your cargo. Good customer service will be patient, establish why you are calling them, and provide you with your requested information. They should do this in a professional and compassionate manner.

When you are about to pick the right cargo company, make sure to take all of these factors into account. As you can see, there is a lot of information that needs to be acquired. Prepare yourself instead of being discouraged by this. Being ready and doing proper research is going to make you ready for any potential issues that may arise.