5 reasons why you might need a climate-controlled storage unit

Apart from, packing, moving logistic services, you might need a quality storage service, as well, for your relocation endeavor. What kind of storage unit do you need? Finding a secure storage unit goes without question and beyond doubt, but you may also be considering renting a small or a large storage unit, placed indoors or outdoors, for a  shorter or longer period. Or for no other reason, you might be looking for a climate-controlled storage unit. Don’t worry, we have covered all the options. If you are having second thoughts about whether you need more than a traditional storage unit or not, sit comfortably and read on. Here are 5 reasons why you might need a climate-controlled storage unit.

5 reasons why you might need a climate-controlled storage unit
a secure storage unit will help you with what you’ve left behind

What are a climate-controlled storage unit and 5 reasons why you might need a climate-controlled storage unit?

A climate-controlled storage unit is a specially designed facility that maintains temperature and humidity levels in optimal proportion.  Traditional storage units are mainly adequate for the majority of your household or business belongings. However, when it comes to your precious collectibles, antiques, musical instruments, books, or artwork you may wish to consider the solutions for safer storage.  Have a closer look at the following list. A climate-controlled storage unit is an option for you if you:

  • want to play safe
  • need  a long term storage
  • valuables are sensitive to temperature changes
  • valuables are sensitive to high humidity
  • possessions are of monetary or sentimental value/irreplaceable

Better Safe than Sorry

You want a piece of mind with your belongings safely stored in controlled conditions. Keeping on with your things well organized, neat and clean, is a good enough reason to go for a climate-controlled option. Besides,  your items will be protected from bad odor, dirt or temperature provoked mishaps.  All climate-controlled storage units are placed indoors in well-insulated and sealed, separate sections. Storing things this way keeps all the potential hazards away.

Better safe than sorry, the saying goes. Moving may have put a lot on your shoulders. Why not make it easier for yourself by choosing Easy Movers Kuwait climate-controlled storage unit.  This option might ensure peace of mind during relocation which is anyway a very challenging time.

Timeline plan

Planning is crucial when you have to choose the type of storage. What does your storage timeline look like? Do you plan to have your items put in storage longer than six months? If yes, it would be best to go for a climate-controlled option. The change of seasons and the weather conditions are inevitable. Thus, extreme temperatures may affect your belongings left in regular storage units. If you wish to find your items in the same condition as you left them you might need a climate-controlled storage unit.

temperature sensor
Optimal temperature is crucial

Temperature changes

We are used to extreme temperature changes. But what about our valuables? During the summer high heats are unavoidable and during the winter the temperature easily drops below freezing. If your items are temperature sensitive it is essential to protect them from the damaging effects of extreme temperature fluctuations. As well as, your cargo will be shipped professionally and efficiently by sea, land, or air, it will be well protected in our climate-controlled storage units.  Depending on your needs, we accommodate your items in temperature-controlled, heated, or air-conditioned storage units. Delicate wooden furniture, musical instruments, or your precious antiques may crack, warp or split if undergoing constant temperature changes. It is worth mentioning that your other fine art pieces, books, or important documents will only benefit if stored in a climate-controlled place. Consistent temperatures ensure the excellent condition of stored items.

Bonus:  It won’t be as comfortable as your living room, but visiting your air-conditioned storage will be much more pleasant than visiting a traditional storage unit.

Humidity percent

There are climate-controlled storage units that provide only humidity control.  Let’s not forget about expected fluctuations in outdoor humidity during the seasons. The change of season may bring extreme change in humidity, so check the climate and weather of the area where you plan to store your belongings. Before renting the climate-controlled storage unit make sure that it also offers humidity control.  This kind of unit usually keeps the base humidity level around 50%.

Humidity controlled unit protects antique furniture and wood furniture. If the moisture level is too high in the air, items may warp, crack, rot or split. Storage units without humidity control may stay damp during the fall and spring seasons which can lead to mildew growth. If your items remain in a damp place without any air circulation for a longer time, they could get a bad basement smell. Moisture isn’t the only issue. Low humidity levels in the air can also ruin wood, leaving it dry and crazed with cracks. Dryness in the air might affect your musical instruments, electronics, and wine stack.

Tip: If you find humidity-controlled storage above your price range and you will be storing during moist months, be sure to visit your storage unit regularly. Opening the doors will let natural ventilation do its job. Fresh air will flow inside and it will finish off built-up humidity and odors.

antique cabinet
Antiques are at risk if not stored properly, and that’s why you need a climate-controlled storage unit

You intend to store collectibles, valuables, antiques, or sentimental, irreplaceable items

It is always good to go for a safer option if your possessions are of a monetary or sentimental value. Some items may happen to be irreplaceable, a part of a collection, a dear memory. Thus they should be stored in climate-controlled units. You will be safe to skip the climate-controlled storage unit if you are putting away ordinary household items. Moreover, if you are storing items for a short period (a month to three months), you should be okay with a standard self-storage unit.

Controlled Storage Options

There is a variety of climate-controlled storage options to choose from. The aim is to have your valuables maintained and returned in the best possible shape. The fact that you will pick up your valuables in the exact condition as they were when you left them gives you peace of mind. Regardless of how much time the items occupied climate storage units, a month, a year, or a decade, they’ll stay intact.  Finding the most suitable storage unit option is not as easy as it seems, that being so, we hope that this short overview of 5 reasons why you might need a climate-controlled storage unit has answered some of your questions.