How to party like Kuwaiti?

Now that you’ve moved to Kuwait and all the big work related to moving and settling in is done, it’s time to relax. Everybody looks for places to have fun when they move to a new city. Those can either be arcades, bars, pubs, clubs, or event venues. When it comes to Kuwait, one might say that they do it a bit differently than what we imagine casual partying to be. Take a look together with movers Kuwait and let’s discover how to party like Kuwaiti!

What does fun look like in Kuwait?

There are always challenges when relocating to a completely different country. It’s important to do your research, ask around, and not get shocked once you move. Some practices overseas are completely different from the ones you’re used to. The answer might be surprising when you ask how to party like Kuwaiti. Nightlife as most people know is not what nightlife in Kuwait is like. There are no clubs with loud western music and alcoholic drinks and people don’t go wild on the dance floor.

A man enjoying hookah
One of the favorite activities for Kuwaitis is smoking hookah/shisha in many hookah lounges around the country.

Kuwait is becoming a melting pot due to many people moving for business and other work. However, a huge number of foreigners did not shake Kuwait’s core values and they still stay a modest country that tries to enforce religious (Islamic) values. But don’t worry, this does not mean there is nowhere to have fun and you will be bored. Even though it’s modest in some sense, Kuwait is also very luxurious which might seem a bit contradicting. However, these luxurious places such as restaurants or hookah lounges could be your new chilling spot!

What is hookah?

Also known as narghile, argileh, shisha, hubble-bubble, and goza, hookahs are water pipes made for smoking special tobacco that comes in many flavors. Anything from mint, apple, lemon, and watermelon to chocolate, cherry, or mixes of two or more. Smoking hookah is usually done in groups and is a social activity. If you are close enough to people smoking, you might use the same mouthpiece and pass it around, but if you’re not comfortable with that, you can ask for your own. People usually drink virgin cocktails while enjoying hookah.

People have been smoking hookah for centuries and it’s usually associated with the Middle East and oriental parts of the world. Nowadays it’s widespread and popular all over the world. International movers Kuwait strongly recommend you try smoking hookah at least once while in Kuwait. Don’t get addicted though, it does taste good but overdoing it can have its risks. 

Still, wondering how to party like Kuwaiti?

As we said, there are no classic nightclubs in Kuwait. However, there are a lot of restaurants and lounges that organize events such as live music playing or acoustic bands performing. If that’s your type of fun, you have no worries about how to party like Kuwaiti.

Enjoying live performances is how to party like a Kuwaiti
Enjoying live instruments or acoustics bands is what Kuwaitis like. If you are wondering how to party like Kuwaiti, check it out!

Other than that, a lot of Kuwaitis enjoy walking around malls or out on the busy streets with stores and restaurants. There is usually no “nightlife” after midnight and for the unaccompanied ladies, it’s a good idea to head home around 11 pm to avoid any inconveniences at those times. You can always head home and check if you’ve unpacked all of your stuff and do some decorating. Moving boxes Kuwait has probably helped you with your boxes so dig in! Hopefully, you got the picture of how to party like Kuwaiti. Have fun!