How to pack home decor before moving to Saudi Arabia

Packing was always the most confusing, boring, and complicated part of each relocation. But at the same time, it is the main part of the relocation process. Therefore, we all must do it and we must do it properly. So, today we will help you with one specific part of it and that is how to pack home decor. We will ensure that your items are safely packed and ready for moving and shipping to Saudi Arabia. Let’s dive right in.

Realize how much you have before you pack home decor for the relocation

Your first task is to realize how many items you must pack. As you know, home décor is all over the place. So, you must visit each area of your home and note it all down. Then, go out to the nearest hardware store and purchase packing materials accordingly. Once you cover this task, start searching for a moving company, and guided by your moving date, start packing. Hopefully, you’ll have at least two weeks ahead to pack slowly and without stress.

note all items down before you pack home decor for moving
Note down all the decor you want to move before you start packing anything.

Also, keep in mind that you can declutter and downsize a bit. Simply set aside all items you do not need and donate later. And if you are moving into a smaller home, you can even leave some of your items in warehouse Kuwait for a while. The fewer items you have the easier your relocation will be. So, inspect everything and create a moving checklist with all the details involved.

Obtain necessary packing materials

As we have said already, to pack home decor safely, you must obtain a proper set of packing supplies. These are available at your local Home Depot, hardware store, and moving company. You can even order everything online if it is more convenient for you. And of course, your local moving companies are specialized in this field, and they have some of the best packing boxes in Kuwait. But whatever you choose, you must have the following items with you before you start packing:

  • Cardboard boxes.
  • Packing tape.
  • Blister packs.
  • Corner pads or foam protectors.
  • Labels.

You should aim for higher-quality packing materials. Simply because the most decor is fragile and easily breakable. Protect them with an adequate set of packing supplies even if this means you must invest a bit more in packing materials.

Pack like a pro

Now that you have all the packing materials on your hands, let’s pack home decor for moving. Start by taking photos of the previous state so you can remember easily where to place your items in your new home. Then, take a couple of cardboard boxes and find a flat surface where you can fill them up. Make a cushion inside each box to cradle your decor nicely. Use blankets, crumpled paper, or bubble wrap for this occasion. And then place your items inside the box. Try to fill the gaps with more cushion so your items wouldn’t move around during transport. Close the box, keep it light, and apply labels, and packing tape. Label each box so your movers know they are handling the fragile content.

a person packing items for moving
Wrap items individually if possible. It will give them much better protection.

We must remind you again that this is much easier if you purchase one of the moving services. Most of them are affordable to everyone so you can choose from packing, disassembling, or renting one of the storage units Kuwait. Whatever can make this relocation ten times easier and save you a lot of time, you should go for it. Hence, consult with your movers and find the best moving services package for you.

Organize movers to help you out and pack home decor for you

In the end, you probably already know you can’t relocate without professional movers and packers Kuwait. No matter what kind of moving package you choose, you will need a moving truck and someone to haul your boxes. And this is why movers are there to help you out with this part. Find a reputable moving crew online give them a call and advise on the number of items you want to relocate. They will help you create a safe moving plan and ensure you are relocated successfully. Just make sure they are licensed and have all the tools and equipment required to relocate you safely. Luckily, most moving companies do.

Now you know how to pack home decor safely. Just think of it as fragile content and pack it that way. By using better-quality packing materials and strong cardboard boxes. And of course, by enlisting a proper moving company. If you wish so, they can help you pack, load the moving truck, and unpack upon arrival. But you figure this one out guided by your moving budget. Good luck.