Hardest moving obstacles and how to solve them

There are many difficulties when moving to a new city, but with the right tips, everything will be easy and smooth. Moving is already a stressful event. Changing the city, maybe a job, leaving friends and family, environment…That can be exhausting. And, unfortunately, there are also many different problems you should solve. We can help you to solve the hardest moving obstacles and teach you how to deal with moving and avoiding mistakes.

What are the hardest moving obstacles and their solutions

The moving difficulties are part of moving, but it does not have to be that difficult if you are prepared. It is almost impossible to go through moving without experiencing any problems. On the other hand, when you come across some obstacles, you should know how to deal with them.

The new house is not ready yet

If your new house is not ready it can be a nightmare and one of the worst scenarios when moving. Paint on the walls is wet, electrical installations are not finished, etc. First, you do not know where to put all your belongings and secondly, you cannot sleep there. To prevent this situation from happening, make a plan, just in case. Calculate when the house will be ready and ask your contractor and the previous owners about it. It is a good idea to ensure that the new house will be ready a few weeks before the moving day.

If there is no way around it, and your house cannot be ready before the moving day, do not panic. Stay in a hotel for a few days and rent a storage unit for all your belongings. If the renovation will last more than a couple of days, aks your relatives to take you in.

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In case your home is not ready for the move-in date, you will need a good plan.

Moving without planning

You have heard it before but seriously make a plan. Making a plan is not a waste of time and do not reschedule it because you are lazy. At least half of the issues are caused because of bad or insufficient preparation. You can have a panic attack, you can forget something, etc.

So, as soon as you find out that you are moving, make a plan and a checklist and stay organized while moving. The checklist should include items such as when to pack your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, what to pack, collect all documents, hire a moving company, notify people that you are moving, calculate your budget for moving, etc. All of these things should be in your plan.

Moving scams

Nobody wants to be scammed, of course. The common moving scams are:

  • Some movers demand a huge deposit before the moving day.
  • Moving company is not inspecting the household.
  • Charging additional fees you did not know about.
  • You have missing items. Sometimes even valuable items.
  • Not taking responsibility for the damaged items.
  • And the worst case is when all your belongings are stolen or they scam you for a big sum of money.

To avoid moving scams, hire expert moving services Kuwait and have a stressless move. It is the only solution for this moving problem. Get recommendations, ask for referrals, read comments, etc. Check everything twice and beware.

Injuries and health problems

Accidents can happen and safety is a priority whatever you do. A sharp object can hurt you while packing or you can hit your head on the lamp or anything else. It is one of the hardest moving obstacles and you need to know how to protect yourself, and also to know how to help someone else after an injury. Even if you have experience in moving, an accident could happen. Stress can hurt your immune system, so also try to avoid stressful situations.

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To avoid a visit to do the doctor, be careful when moving, and watch out for moving injuries.

To prevent injuries, pad the floors with a cushioning material, and when you are loading and unloading items from the moving vehicle, make sure no one is standing nearby. Always have a first-aid kit with you. If the injury is serious, immediately call 911.

Lack of moving boxes or packing materials

During your packing, you may realize that you do not have enough boxes or/and packing materials. If you did underestimate the number of your household items, it could happen. Do not pack your fragile items without an air bubble foil, unless you want them broken. It is not one of the biggest and hardest moving obstacles, but it really take a lot of your time and nerves. 

Moreover, when you pack and move, calculate how many items you have for moving and collect enough boxes. It is better to have a couple boxes more than less. Do not save the boxes, you can always get them for free. For example, do not overpack them and do not put odorous items with other objects.

How to deal with moving

Because of the moving stress, accidents could happen. That’s why you should learn how to deal with moving and how to handle it. With these simple steps, your stress level will be low.

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Be prepared before moving and make a plan. Do not rush your move, and be organized.
  • Conduct research on your new hometown. Give yourself a little time and learn anything you can. That is one of the solutions on how to avoid the hardest moving obstacles you encounter after moving.
  • Hire a good and reliable moving company for your move. That is how your items will be safe and you will have fewer obligations. Of course, before you hire a mover, check them and search for comments, and learn how to recognize fake online moving reviews to avoid scams.
  • Plan and organize your move and make a checklist. You can easily forget to pack some items or forget to do something.
  • If you have kids, visit their new school together.
  • Throw a goodbye party or dinner and invite your friends and family members.
  • After moving, establish your routine as soon as possible.