How to handle a change of destination request in shipping industry

There are countless steps that take place between moving your cargo from point A to point B, which means there are so many things that can go wrong. It sounds terrible, but do not worry, there is a solution for everything. Removal companies will show you how to handle a change of destination request.

The problem at hand – how to handle a change of destination request

After the minor anxiety attack caused by the realization that your shipment is on its way to a place that is nowhere near where you are going, your next step is to request a Change of Destination (COD) or Diversion.

A COD or Diversion is the act of changing the destination point from what was originally booked. In many cases, the ship may still be docked. But once operations have started, and the containers loaded, you need to request the COD process in order to make changes to the route at this point.

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Learn how to handle a change of destination request

So how do you proceed at this point?

The process to change the cargo’s destination can be very simple, or very complicated, and will depend on many factors. Let’s say your cargo was shipping from Kuwait to UK, and you decided to stop the cargo at Germany as the final destination. Some changes may need to be made in regard to preparing the cargo to unload sooner than predicted.

Factors to consider to handle a change of destination request

Factors to consider when handling a COD:

  • the location of the container
  • the expenses of COD
  • the new route

The location of the container is crucial. If it is under the deck, or under many other containers, it will require numerous restows, or the moving of other containers to reach yours. If the operations team believes that a COD will require too many restows, they will deny it.

Changing the destination once the container sails can also become very expensive, very fast. Many carriers require an initial confirmation of more than $300 before the team takes any action. After this, there are the costs for a restow, around $100 per move.

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The team needs to assess whether they can approve the COD request

The new route of your things is an important factor, as well. If you are shipping to Bahrain, it may not be able to dock at any port in Israel, and vice versa. Which can rule out possible routes and even the chance of a COD at all.

Once you consider all of the factors, confirm the costs, and approve the COD, you will need to provide new documents. Shipping instructions, and additional documentation, showing the new consignee, and final destination for your shipment. Then, you wait for your cargo to arrive at the new destination.

How to handle a change of destination request – summing up


Make sure you have all the information on how to handle a change of destination request. If you have no idea how to do it, logistics companies in Kuwait will be there to help you out during the process.