Guide for retired expats in Kuwait

Congratulations on your hard work and well-deserved retirement! You worked hard through your life and now you deserve a time you can dedicate to yourself and your grandchildren. But do not worry! Being retired doesn’t mean you will end up with a boring day-to-day routine. Let us discuss all the possibilities retired expats in Kuwait have. Not only can some activities fulfill your life, but also help you maintain healthy and steady life. And, if you decide to change your place of residence, we can recommend great movers in Kuwait. They will handle the entire moving process and turn it into a pleasant experience.

Basic steps to take after retirement

One of the main things to do is not get into some sort of panic about what to do now. It can come as some sort of a shock, going from working, developing skills and other activities to being retired. Now, do not worry! You can still fulfill your life with a lot of activities Kuwait has to offer to you and your family. There are certainly some steps you can take in order to have a fulfilled retirement such as:

  • Traveling a lot
  • Reading books revolving around DIY projects
  • Stretch and exercise on daily basis. That way you can maintain a healthy body in older years
  • Keep old friendships and maintain them. Retired expats in Kuwait shouldn’t lose all touch with their friends. Try also to find new ones
  • Being retired doesn’t have to be a symbol of solitude.
  • Always learn new things. It is important to have your brain healthy and working
  • Have some purpose in your retirement. Do not just wander aimlessly.
Women wearing headscarves talking
It is never too late to make new friends

Stay active

Always stay connected to the world in order to maintain active retirement. Although some activities you probably can’t do now, due to being elder. Still, it doesn’t mean someone else can’t do them for you. If you are retired and planning on moving to another location, consider hiring moving companies. Let them do all the heavy lifting, and if you need, rent a warehouse Kuwait, so you can keep your items safe and secure until you move to your new home.

Retired expats in Kuwait can travel a lot

This should be one of the main activities when you reach retirement. Throughout your life, you were probably more focused on work that you probably missed a lot of opportunities for travel. This is a perfect way to gain new friends and see new places. Most of the time Kuwait travel agencies offer retired citizens special offers. You can even get some travel arrangements cheaper than the rest of the tourists. Do not forget, the more you see the more you know about the world. And it is important to keep being active, both mentally and physically. All that traveling and buying souvenirs for your family can be tiring sometimes. Make sure you choose the best air freight moving companies Kuwait has to offer you. That way your items will get to your loved ones in time and in a good condition.

A plane
Use this opportunity to travel

If you moving on a budget, it is best to consider sea freight Kuwait. It is the cheapest mode of transport and would be a good choice for retirees who want to save some money during the moving process.

What should retired expats visit in Kuwait?

Kuwait is a wonderful country with a variety of cultural attractions, natural beauty, and modern amenities. From ancient archaeological sites to endless beaches, Kuwait has something for everyone. For those looking to explore the past, Kuwait is home to some of the oldest archaeological sites in the world. Failaka Island is an ancient settlement that dates back to the Bronze Age and is full of historical treasures. Visitors can explore the ruins of the ancient city, including the temple of Ishtar, and visit the archaeological museum which houses artifacts from the city’s past.

A photo of a mosque
Visit all the places you couldn’t before

Those who prefer to enjoy the natural beauty of Kuwait can explore the Arabian Desert, where they can experience the stark beauty of the desert landscape. There are also numerous beaches along the Persian Gulf that are perfect for relaxing and taking in the beautiful turquoise waters. If you are looking for a more adventurous outdoor experience, Kuwait also has a number of impressive mountains and canyons to explore. If you decide to relocate, there are many reputable residential moving companies in Kuwait. Reliable movers can facilitate and accelerate your move.

Explore Kuwaiti culture

Kuwait is also home to a vibrant modern culture. As you probably already know, the Kuwaiti people are welcoming and friendly, and there is a unique mix of traditional and modern attractions. There are a variety of museums, art galleries, and cultural centers throughout the country that offer insight into the history, culture, and art of the region. Some of the most famous museums that you must visit, if you haven’t done that already, are the Museum of Modern Art in Kuwait City, Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre, and Kuwait National Museum.

Retirees in Kuwait also have the opportunity to experience some of the country’s best cuisine. From traditional dishes such as kabsa and machboos to international fare, there is something for everyone. There are also a variety of outdoor markets that offer a wide range of local and international goods. Now that you finally have enough time to reflect, relax, and explore, make sure to explore everything this country has to offer.

Start teaching other newcomer expats

This is also one of the actually good and productive things you can do in your free time as a retired expat. Often, new expats get confused and lost in the new environment and culture. Teach them, and provide them with enough information they can use to settle in more efficiently. It will also give you a new purpose you can fulfill while being in Kuwait. To them, adapting to new things, ways of living, and working can be difficult, and most of the time lead to being more dysfunctional than productive. That is where you can come to help them. Retired expats in Kuwait can give a lot of guidelines and tips on how to adapt to a new job newly arrived expats have. This can be a volunteering job you can do, but there are a lot of other options as well. You can find a job that is hiring retired people, where payment is not that big, but you will keep yourself active as well.

Learn a new sport or perfect the one you are playing

Kuwait and its capital Kuwait City are famous for their sports clubs and activities. Not only do they have clubs for young people and children, but for elders as well. Here are varieties of sports and games you can learn and/or perfect while being retired. The most picked ones are:

  • Golfing – chosen by retired expats in Kuwait as the most desirable sport in their free time
  • Snooker – easy game for a stress release
  • Various card games and other table games
  • Jogging or walking
  • Swimming for the elderly (and there is also scuba diving as well)
  • Go bowling, or play bocce or any similar game

Don’t feel bad if someone else is much better than you. You are there for yourself and for your health. In time you will get better, but most importantly, stay active and happy.

There are many sports clubs for retired expats in Kuwait

There is no shortage of sports clubs for retirees in Kuwait. One of the most popular sports clubs for retirees in Kuwait is the Kuwait Athletic Association for Retired Citizens (KAA-RC). Established in 2005, this organization provides a wide range of sports activities for retirees, including walking, running, and swimming. The KAA-RC also organizes regular social events, such as picnics and parties, to help retirees stay socially active. Furthermore, the KAA-RC provides its members with access to a variety of health and wellness programs, such as yoga, tai chi, and aerobic classes.

A photo of a guitar
Learn to play an instrument

Another popular sports club for retirees in Kuwait is the Kuwait Senior Sports Club (KSSC). Established in 2008, the KSSC offers a variety of sports activities for retirees, including tennis, badminton, basketball, and volleyball. The KSSC also provides its members with access to a variety of health and fitness programs, such as strength training, flexibility training, and nutritional counseling. Additionally, the KSSC hosts regular social events, such as movie nights, barbecues, and game nights, to help retirees stay socially active. By taking advantage of these clubs, retirees in Kuwait can make the most of their golden years. If you decide to relocate abroad, you can research popular sports for retirees and also join a sports club. Just make sure to find good moving services in Kuwait. Experienced movers can handle every aspect of the move.

Pick up a new hobby

Now, this is something every retired person can do. Pick up a new hobby that can keep you active both mentally and physically. Most of the time people pick up some simple things like bird watching, painting, learning a new instrument or just hiking. There are also some other activities you can do like collecting stamps or even learning to cook better. Kuwaiti food is various since there are a lot of foreigners in Kuwait working. It is not hard to pick up some good information on Kuwaiti food. There are numerous examples of people becoming great chefs when they retire from their jobs. Just imagine the look on the face of people you are going to cook for. And when they start complimenting you.

A woman rading a book
You will have time to read in retirement

Cooking can also be a great way to give back to the community. Retirees can volunteer to teach cooking classes or help out at local food banks. They can also donate their time and skills to help out at soup kitchens or other charitable organizations. Retirees in Kuwait are invaluable assets to the community. They have a wealth of experience and knowledge that can be used to benefit the country. Many retirees choose to volunteer their time and energy to help those in need. They volunteer in hospitals, schools, and other charitable organizations

Take up photography

Another great hobby for retirees in Kuwait is photography. With its beautiful landscapes, stunning architecture, and vibrant culture, Kuwait is a great place to practice and hone one’s photography skills. Your new hobby will allow you to explore and appreciate the beauty of Kuwait in a whole new way. Retired expats can join a local photography club or take an online class to learn the basics. With a good camera and some patience, you can take amazing pictures, express your creativity, and explore your artistic side. It is a great way to explore new ideas, experiment with different techniques and styles, and create unique and beautiful works of art. Photography is a great way to capture moments and memories that can be shared with family and friends. Capture special moments, document your travels and adventures, and create lasting memories that can be cherished for years to come.

A photo of a camera
Many retired expats in Kuwait take up photography

Write a book or a blog

As we mentioned before, keeping you active should be your top priority. Writing a book or keeping a blog should be enough to maintain a healthy train of thought. One of the biggest issues newcomers have is getting settled in. This is where you can come in handy. If you want, you can write a complete guide on settling in Kuwait. Keeping a blog and a vlog (video blog) keeps you more active and in touch with the latest technology. You will learn new things and at the meantime teach others as well.

Sometimes people think that being retired means being alone and bored, not to mention lonely. Well, that doesn’t have to be the case with you. We gave you just a glimpse of the various activities retired expats in Kuwait can do. If you have any more ideas, share them with us in the comment section below! We and other expats can’t wait to hear from you!

Retired expats in Kuwait have a lot of opportunities to explore and enjoy their retirement. Kuwait is a safe and secure country with a high standard of living. As we have mentioned, you can take time to learn more about the local customs, traditions, history, and cuisine. visit various historical sites, museums, and other attractions. Take the time to meet new people and make connections. Just because you are retired doesn’t mean you have to be bored. Join local sports clubs, volunteer at charity organizations, or take up a new hobby.