An ultimate moving day checklist when relocating internationally

When moving day finally comes, the moving day checklist saves lives. It will help organize the worst moment during the satisfying, packing in a hurry. You will avoid stress and forgetting things, and indeed have better organization in small but essential jobs that you must do during those last hours. Professional moving companies in Kuwait recommend that people make this checklist days before the moving day, so you can occasionally add details as you recall them. It could be worth adding time, too, so you can easily plan steps hour per hour.

Moving day checklist starts with the morning jobs

The first you should do when making a moving day checklist is to write the most important steps during this day. You know that packing, preparing for the truck loading, and small additional jobs are must-haves at the moment. However, you can add other steps and details as you remember later.

Moving day checklist includes important steps when moving

Pack an emergency bag

The emergency bag will surely save a life during moving, and professionals recommend packing it regardless of where you have planned to move. International moving companies go even further and create a list of needed items you must take. Among the essential items are medicines, food, snacks, a spare wardrobe, and similar things. Do not forget to put into the bag kitchen perishables, and save money that way. When you are in the kitchen, pack supplies, too.

Pack last-minute items

Although you have packed all you need into the bag, there are always items that you must pack right before you go. Among those items are spare wardrobes, water, kitchen supplies, and perishables. Although you will plan to fill them, and surely put them at the visible spot to not forget them, you should put on the paper all you need to take when moving. When moving starts, you will not have time to pack anything anymore, so warehousing companies Kuwait recommend putting items in storage during the moving. You can come back to them later.

Clean the house

You know that you will need to clean the house before movers come, not just because of the dust and dirt. It is a sign of good manners and respect to the new owners of your home. Although you will clean the house day or two before, the final sweep should be planned for the last days. The reason is apparent; you will still have boxes in the house, and people will walk through them, so keep it as clean as possible. Do it before packing services Kuwait come.

What when movers come?

We are sure you have planned to wake up early and prepare all for movers, so you are awake and ready to go when they come. However, there are small things that you have to do when organizing moving, mainly in terms of packing and loading the truck. Do not forget about the refreshment for the movers, too.

You should start to make the list before moving

Disassemble the furniture

You cannot wait for the movers with the furniture in the same shape as it is in the normal stage. You will need to disassemble so that it could take less space in the truck. However, you will not be able to do it alone, at least not every time. There are details that you must not finish alone, and some parts you can lose or damage if done without a proper tool. To avoid those problems, make an agreement with the company, so their workers can disassemble the furniture. They must do it before the moving day, though.

Label boxes

When moving day starts, you should do whatever is needed to make moving more accessible and faster. It is essential to label boxes, so movers would know what to do and where to pack boxes into the truck. You also must write on the box if there are sensitive or valuable items or if the box must be on the top of the truck. Although there are no standardized types of labels, you should follow recommended shapes and signs for this occasion. You can easily find labels on the internet, too.

  • You can include the children in this job, so they can draw or write what is inside of their boxes;
  • Labels much mark sensitive and valuable items, but just in case, avoid precise description items that are worth too much;
  • Moving day checklist should include giving instructions to the workers about packing and putting the items in the right place.

Moving starts when trucks are full

Taking all in mind, we can say that moving takes very long. If we consider packing, loading, and cleaning, there are many things to do when organizing moving. For those reasons, the moving day checklist should include refreshing and taking a slight pause during the job.

You should relax and take a rest

You should do many things during moving day, so do not be too stuck to the moving day checklist. It is allowed to take a rest, so you can fill the batteries when it is needed. You will avoid stressful moments when you feel exhausted and the job is not ended. It is allowed to choose the room where you can take a rest, try to relax, and prepare for the rest of the employment.

Ipod with checklist
Use the most practical device for making a list

Make refreshment

You and your helpers would love to take a rest, but also to take refreshment during packing. It will be a perfect moment to talk about the planned steps and what to do rest. You will not have many opportunities to thank the workers, so take this moment as one of the possible situations when you can be a good host. It will help you, too, to take a rest and prepare for the rest of the job.

Swipe all again

Yes, it sounds boring, but you must make the last swipe before going. Do not forget that there will be a lot of dirt, plastic, boxes, and bags, which can make a mess. When packing all packages into the truck, go again through the home and clean up. The new owners will be glad, and you will show respect and good manners. It should be on the moving day checklist for the moving day.