7 items you can’t put in a storage unit

Renting a storage unit has a number of great benefits. First of all, you will get that additional storage space that you cannot seem to find in your house. This is perfect for people who are living in a small apartment or plan to downsize. Then, if you are renovating, you need a place where to keep your items safe during the construction. No one wants their valuable and expensive items to get damaged during the renovation. Lastly, if you are moving with Easy Move Kuwait, you will have a place where to keep your items until your new house is ready. However, you should be careful about the items you plan to store. Here are all the items you can’t put in a storage unit. 

All the items not allowed in storage units 

How do you know which items are forbidden? It is fairly simple to find out. You just need to contact a storage facility where you plan to keep your items. This should happen before you rent storage units Kuwait. Otherwise, you might sign the contract and pay the rent only to find out you can’t keep certain items there. For this reason, before you sign anything, make sure to ask about the forbidden items. Usually, employees should notify you in advance, but to be safe, ask them as well. They will provide you with a list of all the items you cannot store. Here are the most common ones.  

  • Flammable or combustible things  
  • Toxic materials  
  • Non-Operating, unregistered, or uninsured vehicles  
  • Stolen goods and illegal drugs  
  • All types of weapons, ammunition, and bombs  
  • Perishables  
  • Live Plants  
  • Wet Items  
  • Animals 
storage containers
Before renting, check which items you can’t put in a storage unit

Flammable or combustible items and toxic materials 

First of all, you cannot store anything that can catch fire or explode at any time. The most common example of these items would be gasoline, propane, chemicals, grease, oil, and gas. Almost every storage facility will forbid this type of item. So, you should not even plan to store them. These items pose a big threat not just for you but for the safety of everyone involved. If something explodes, it will cause huge damage to the warehouse Kuwait and all the items that are stored inside. These items will not only be yours but of other people. In addition to this, you cannot store toxic materials for the same reason. Toxic items can easily cause a huge problem to the staff member of your storage facility. These items would include chemicals, fertilizers, and cleaning products. Furthermore, you cannot store anything with bleach, ammonia, kerosene, and similar. 

Vehicles and stolen goods or drugs 

You cannot store vehicles that you didn’t register. Then, it applies the same to vehicles that are not operating properly or do not have proper insurance. This does not mean only cars, but all types of vehicles. Vehicles such as boats, trailers, motorcycles, RVs, or trucks are in this category as well. If you want to store vehicles, you will need to show proof of registration and a valid driver’s license. You might need to provide more documents, but this depends on a facility and its policies. In addition to this, it goes without saying, you cannot store stolen goods and illegal drugs. It is against the rules and punishable by law. You should never consider storing any of these items. Every storage facility is very serious about this issue. If you are caught with drugs in Kuwait, the penalty would be extremely serious.  

a car on the road
You cannot store a car without necessary documents

All types of weapons and perishables 

In most cases, all types of weapons, firearms, and ammunition are forbidden. It is also quite simple to conclude why you can’t store weapons in a storage unit. They can also be quite dangerous, not only to you but to employees of the storage facility as well. In addition to this, even if you plan to move your weapons with heavy equipment movers, it would be impossible. Most moving companies and storage facilities do not offer services related to weapons. Furthermore, you cannot store hand grenades, landmines, flamethrowers, bombs, and similar. These items can easily explode and cause huge damage. On the other hand, you cannot store perishable food. This type of food will go bad rather quickly and it will attract bugs, rodents, and encourage bacteria and mold to grow. After all, there is no need to store perishables, rather use them beforehand. 

Live plants and wet items 

Plants are also forbidden in storage units. They need sunlight and water in order to survive. In addition to this, they will attract bugs and other insects. This can be a huge problem if those insects attack your other items. Therefore, if you plan to move your plants, you need to do it by yourself. They cannot be kept anywhere but in an appropriate place. if you cannot relocate your plants with you, then you will need to find other solutions for them. The same thing applies to all wet items. If your items are still wet, they can cause mold and mildew to grow. Usually, wet items are those items that come into contact with water quite often. Those would be a kayak, surfboard, scuba gear, and all the types of sports gear used for water sports. Store them in a storage unit but dry them properly beforehand. 

plants are items you can't put in a storage unit
You cannot leave plants without water and sun

Animals and pets 

Lastly, you cannot keep any type of animals or your pets in a storage unit. Just like with your plants, animals need food and water. If you need to find a suitable place for your pets, look for animal hotels or ask someone to look over them. As you can see, these would be all the other items you can’t store in a storage unit. If you want to avoid storing any of these items, make sure to contact your storage facility in advance. Every storage facility should have its own list of forbidden items. See what items you can’t store in your chosen facility.