5 Guidelines for tipping movers

As your moving day is getting closer you are probably thinking about all the details that are involved in your move. And maybe you thought about whether to tip your movers or not and how to do it. Tipping your movers is not something that you are obliged to do. However, you should generally hope that the situation ends up in a way where you are tipping your movers at the end of your relocation. That means that you are satisfied with the work they have done. And that all your things arrived at the destination in good condition. Of course, transporting your belongings is not the only thing that logistic companies in Kuwait do for you during your relocation. In this article, you will find 5 guidelines for tipping your movers that will help you to decide whether to tip your movers and how much.

Guidelines for tipping movers say you should learn about the moving industry

In the beginning, you need to know a little bit about the moving industry and its standards. It is not the same as in the restaurant business where there are certain percentages that are considered to be a tipping standard. Usually, around 15% is the restaurant industry tipping standard. On the other hand, in the moving industry, there are no such standards and you are free to tip as much as you like.

Man following guidelines for tipping movers and thinking to tip his movers
Learn about the moving industry is one of the guidelines for tipping movers

But there are some small guidelines that could help you determine whether to tip and how much. It usually depends on the type of your move. It is not the same if you are hiring movers for a local relocation or sea freight Kuwait.

How much to tip your movers?

One of the things you need to consider when you are wondering how much to tip your movers is how far was your move. Local moves can generally be finished in half a day, and in that case, a tip worth around 10$ per worker is pretty fair. Of course, you need to be satisfied with their work. For longer distances and for a whole day work you can tip twice as much. But what to do in situations when your move requires several days of travel and work? Or hiring a shipping company in Kuwait? Well, in that case, you can add five or ten percent to the final bill and that will be fine.

Guidelines for tipping movers say you should consider the size of your household

Another thing to consider when tipping your movers is the size of your household. And, are there any difficulties that your movers will have to overcome to move your belongings? What to consider as difficulty during relocation? Well, there are some things that fall very hard for the moving crew.

Calculating how much to tip your movers
If you want to follow guidelines for tipping movers, reward them if you have a large household to move

Things like carrying heavy items from the tenth floor without an elevator. The moving companies will usually include those difficulties in the final bill, but if you see that the crew is really struggling during your relocation you should change your tip to match their efforts.

The things that are real trouble for the moving crew

  • Carrying your items from high floors. One of the guidelines for tipping movers says that you should tip your movers according to their effort. And one of the hardest things for a moving crew is when they have to carry your belongings from a tenth floor, for example.
  • Carrying large and heavy items. If you have a workshop, for example, you probably have some heavy machines or equipment. And that can be very hard to load and unload from a moving truck. Tip your movers more if you have something like that to move.
  • The moving truck can’t come near your home. If you do not prepare a parking spot for the moving truck, or you live in a place where the moving truck can’t come close to your home. The moving crew will have to carry your items for long distance. And that is considered to be a major difficulty for the moving crew.
  • Moving valuables. If you have some old art pieces of any other valuable items that require special attention your movers should handle those items with greater care. That means that it will take them more time to finish your move.

Consider the amount of work the crew has done is another guideline for tipping movers

Another thing to consider is the type of service that you requested from your movers. It is not the same when you pack and prepare everything and the moving crew just have to load and unload the moving truck. And when you hire residential moving companies Kuwait to pack and unpack your moving inventory or disassemble your furniture and assemble it at the destination. You can request many services from your movers. And, the moving company will charge you for everything. However, the reward for the hard work of the moving crew is on you.

Appreciate your time is an important guideline for tipping movers

One of the things to pay special attention to is the time. If you are moving locally the time is not an important factor, but still, remember if the moving crew arrived at the agreed time. On the other hand, when interstate moving is in question, the time can be very significant.

Giving tip to movers
Tip your movers if they arrive on time

Pay close attention if your long distance movers Kuwait arrive on time. Of course, there are some cases when the moving crew will be acceptably late. In case of a storm or some other unavoidable factor. But sometimes the crew will arrive on time despite the storm or traffic jam. That is one of the things that you should definitely reward.

Tip your movers if you are satisfied in the end

These are the 5 guidelines for tipping movers that you should follow if you want to tip them properly. The most important thing to follow is your general impression at the end of your relocation. If you feel satisfied and you believe that the moving crew really worked hard. You can tip your movers as much as you like. The moving crew usually comes to your home with a belief that they will be tipped at the end. And they will usually work very hard to earn that bonus. So if you decide to not tip your movers it should only be in a case of great dissatisfaction from your side.