Tips for cleaning your new house before moving in

You finally finished packing everything from your old home and now it is time for the big move. After Kuwait movers successfully assisted you in your relocation now comes the second hardest part- cleaning. Because you just can’t stand to think about moving into an unclean home. So gather your family and get cleaning supplies. Deep cleaning your new house before moving in is a very important step. It removes germs along with filth and dust, improving the quality of the air inside the home and leaving the home smelling fresh. Since they are among the germiest rooms in any home, the kitchen and bathroom typically require extra care.

Hiring professional house cleaners or DIY deep cleaning

You have the option of hiring professional house cleaners in Kuwait. They will make sure everything is disinfected and you come into the home prepared for moving in. Their hourly price in Kuwait is approximately Dinar 3.521. If you are moving from a faraway distance this could be a better option than doing it by yourself. Hire internatinal movers Kuwait to assist you with relocation and hire local cleaners for a faster move-in process.  DIY cleaning is a great option if you prefer saving money and doing things by yourself. It will cost you your time and energy. But it all comes down to your preference and budget.

People cleaning the house
Gather your friends and family to help you with the cleaning process!

DIY cleaning your new house before moving in

We suppose you already know how to clean something. Therefore we are going to bring you tips and tricks for cleaning tricky spots and dirt. Keep your belongings safely stored in moving boxes Kuwait movers often use, while preparing your new home! Let’s see how can you:

  • get rid of the smoke smell and smoke stains
  • disinfect kitchen and bathroom properly
  • dirty walls

Cleaning dirty walls and getting rid of the smoke smell

After successfully moving to Kuwait you want to live in a clean home. Spots on the walls such as dirt, fingertips, and hair can be cleaned with a damp cotton rag. In unfortunate events, you will have to deal with walls dirty from smoke and unpleasant scent. White vinegar, ammonia, and Trisodium phosphate (TSP) are used for getting rid of smoke residue. But be careful, they are strong chemicals!

Disinfecting kitchen and bathroom

The most important step is disinfecting rooms. Since the bathroom and kitchen were most used in the past. For cleaning the bathroom remember to disinfect the sink, shower handles, and toilet. Throw out everything previously used like toilet brushes, toilet beads, any carpets, and even soaps. Clean metal and handles thoroughly in the kitchen and bathroom since they can carry many germs. In the kitchen remember to replace the steel wool from the extractor fan and clean the walls around your kitchen stove. Make your new steel wool last longer. Defrosting your fridge is a must.

Professional cleaners cleaning your new home before moving in
By hiring professionals you will save yourself time.

Ensure stress-free moving with professional moving companies and experts cleaner. Or opt for DIY cleaning. Whichever your choice, cleaning your new home before moving in is a crucial step. It will ensure a healthier environment, better air quality, and prevent your family from catching any diseases.