The best places to live in Kuwait

If you are planning a move to Kuwait anytime soon, you might want to find the best place for your new home. Whether you are moving next month or next year, take a look at the list of some of the best places to live in Kuwait. Before you hire a reputable international moving company, it’s always good to do the research and find out about your future home destination. Depending on your lifestyle and your needs, one of the following places might be a perfect location for your new home.

How to choose between the best places to live in Kuwait?

If you decided to move to the country of Kuwait and start a new page in your life, you should prepare for the upcoming changes. Choosing the best location for your new home might be a challenge. However,  there is an easy way to narrow down the search. Before you choose one of the best places to live in Kuwait, you should consider a few things:

buildings in Kuwait City
Give yourself time to do the research before moving to a new city in Kuwait.
  • Not all cities in Kuwait offer the same lifestyle. While some are known as the industrial zone of the country, others are more suitable for residents.
  • Before moving to Kuwait, make sure to research the overall living costs.
  • If you are relocating from the USA or Europe, you should consider hiring assistance. In order to pack and move in Kuwait with ease, paying for professional moving services might be a necessity.
  • If you are looking for job opportunities in Kuwait, you are in luck! There is plenty of job offers available, and many of them require speaking English.
  • Before you pack and move your belongings to Kuwait, do your research. The more information you have about the lifestyle and costs in a new city, the easier it will be to adapt to changes.

Kuwait City

Not surprisingly, Kuwait City is one of the most important locations on our list. Since the country of Kuwait is relatively small, this is a popular destination for many expats. Besides having a great location, Kuwait City is also home to many industries, businesses, and international companies. If you are looking for the best places to live in Kuwait and want to start a new job, this is the place to be. Besides various job opportunities, Kuwait City also has many family-oriented neighborhoods you could choose from. 


If you prefer living in the larger city areas in Kuwait, then consider moving to Salmiya. This area is located in the southeast part of the country, and it has just below 230,000 residents. The entire city area is divided into 12 blocks, which include residential and commercial buildings, as well as other facilities you might need. Living in Salmiya is perfect for everyone who wants to balance work and family life. The entire city area is relatively small, so the commute is convenient.

The capital of Kuwait – Al Asimah

For those who speak Arabic, the name of this city is pretty much self-explanatory. Moreover, Al Asimah literally means – the Capital. Besides many job opportunities, this city is also a great place to explore historic sites. If you are looking for the true spirit of this Arabian country, then Al Asimah is one of the best places to live in Kuwait. One of the best reasons to move here is the international vibe the city is known for. If you are working with clients from all over the world, you can schedule a meeting with them in one of the many exquisite hotels.

Living in Salmiya is perfect for everyone who wants to balance work and family life.

Al Farwaniyah

Looking for a family-oriented neighborhood, you should consider moving to Al Farwaniyah. One of the reasons we consider it to be one of the best places to live in Kuwait is the following. The main part of Al Farwaniyah is made out of residential buildings. This is one of the reasons why so many expats choose to live here. With this in mind, it’s no wonder why housing is pretty affordable. If you are not looking for a luxurious lifestyle in Kuwait, this is the city you should move to. Although it’s not one of the biggest cities in the country, Al Farwaniyah is a great place for families.

Getting ready for a Kuwait relocation

Before you choose one of the best places to live in Kuwait, you should consider different aspects of the relocation. In case you are moving internationally, packing and transporting belongings could be a complicated process. If you have the budget for an international move, the best thing you should do is hire a professional moving company. When moving to Kuwait, reliable movers will be able to help you pack and transport your household without complications. Also, if you have to relocate your business or sensitive inventory overseas, you should look for reliable custom clearance services Kuwait has to offer. Moving from one continent to another is everything but simple, which is why you should plan this process ahead of time.

Will hiring movers be necessary?

Packing household for Kuwait relocation can be one thing, but moving your business here is another story. If you need to relocate heavy office inventory, electronic equipment, or any sensitive cargo, hiring a professional moving company is the best solution. What you should look for are reputable cargo companies in Kuwait that could help you transport any type of inventory overseas. No matter what type of goods you need to transport, professionals could help you handle this process with ease.

historic site in Kuwait
Moving across the sea is not an easy process, so consider hiring professional assistance.

If you are having doubts about hiring movers, you should consider the size of your relocation. Want to move to one of the best places to live in Kuwait? Before doing so, you should consider all the aspects of the relocation. In case you have to rush your relocation, pack oversized furniture, or have other things to handle during the move, hiring professionals will be the easiest way to move to Kuwait.