Should you ship your electronics?

When it comes to moving your property, it is natural that everyone has different requirements. Depending on the type of your possession, you will choose different kinds of transportation. If you have to ship your electronics, there are unique rules you should follow. Electronics equipment is some of the most expensive types of property shipped. Unlike shipping ordinary items such as textiles, electronics brings more challenges to distributors who use shipping services to deliver their products. Movement, different temperatures can cause damages to the sensitive components in today’s electronic devices. That is why you should rely on international shipping companies in Kuwait. Not only they know how to pack items but also which way of transportation you should opt for. They will know how to determine the best course of action. Sea, air, or ground transportation method, they will know what to recommend you.

Optimal solutions to ship your electronics

When it comes to shipping your fragile items such as tablets, smartphones, and e-readers, etc, you may think transporting is not a good idea. Their fragile components could become damaged during relocation. Besides, simply placing a “fragile” stamp on your packages rarely increases the chances your package will be handled with any more care. However, with some strategy and planning, you can ship these delicate products safely time and without worry. Our experienced crew from shipping companies in Kuwait have a piece of advice you will find useful. To prevent costly damages, we have assembled a few tips and tricks for shipping your electronics. So make sure to read this article before you pack and transport your electronics on moving day stress-free. When you learn these simple rules, it will be easy to conduct this.

Be careful when preparing to relocate the electronics devices you use daily.

Pack and ship your electronics

If you had moved recently, you know how important is to pack your belonging properly. Packaging tips are also applicable when it comes to moving your electronics. Year by year, it has become progressively common to send electronics to friends, families, and customers around the world. Although it might not be the most complex item in the world, shipping electronics does have its own set of challenges that should be kept in mind. Since many electronic devices are fragile, making sure that they are well packed and safe is double important. However, our Easy Move Kuwait makes it simple to ship electronics of all shapes and sizes, as long as you follow a few simple steps. We know how to prevent costly damages when shipping electronic devices by packing carefully and correctly.

Choose the right packing method and materials

Packing your electronics requires a couple of layers.  Just like the walls of a castle, the card box is the first line of defense for your electronics. For this reason, it is important to choose the right box. Careless while choosing the box may mean your electronics will be crushed or otherwise damaged during transit. When picking a box, it is recommendable to use a brand new, double corrugated cardboard box. Besides, the size is important too. In case your box is too big, the items inside can move extensively. Obviously, that could cause damages. Otherwise, if it is too small, they may press against the walls of the box. If you tend to purchase a moving box from Amazon, you will notice different size moving boxes. Make sure to pick ones that suit to your electronics.

Ship your electronics
Prepare to pack your electronic devices properly.

The double boxing

The double boxing method is a great way to move fragile items like electronics. Simply put, a double box should be a box within a box. This will keeps the item away from the container’s outer walls to minimize tumbles and impacts. In addition, the layers of padding inside each box help absorb vibrations from bumps or jostling.

Strong Boxes

When ship your electronics, it is highly recommended to use corrugated cartons. Corrugated boxes have an inside and outside layer that that is suitable for fragile items. The result is a sturdy, reusable container less susceptible to collapse and water damage than their paper cardboard counterparts. Besides corrugated boxes, you can use water-activated tape. With adhesive activated by water, the tape forms a strong and permanent bond with the packing box. Additionally, the seal is strong, and any tampering will be evident.

Every electronic device requires its own treatment

Just like other fragile items your electronics need attention when packing. Packing and moving IT equipment is a serious mission. In case the electronic device you are shipping has still its original retail box, you are lucky. And if your device doesn’t shift around when you move the box in your hands, the retail packaging can serve as your inner container. But if this s not a case, you will have to consider another solution. Find a sturdy box about six inches larger than your device in height, length, and width. Make sure to prepare bubble wrap, foam inserts, or tightly-wadded kraft paper to conduct this. Wrap the item in several layers of bubble wrap and set it inside the box with at least two inches of padding on all six sides.

Here are simple steps you should follow:

  • Pack the box as tight as you can with bubble wrap, foam inserts, or tightly-wadded kraft paper.
  • Avoid using polystyrene “packing peanuts” or other types of loose-fill packaging. Because they will create static electricity and won’t keep your device from sliding around.
  • Seal the box with packing tape.
  • Now cover your inner box in more bubble wrap and seal that box inside another container.
  • Again, make sure it is with two inches or more of padding on all sides.
  • Before you relocate your electronics, double-check if you performed all those steps correctly.
Bubble wrap
Prepare your scissors, tape, and bubble wrap.

Get help from the professionals

You can call on the professionals if you’re short on the time, materials, or confidence to pack and ship your electronics on your own. Our logistic experts have specialty shipping supplies and can help you choose the right shipping method for young high-tech devices.