Moving to Kuwait from Canada — how to adapt?

Are you in two minds whether to accept your new job offer? Does that opportunity rock? Are you going to earn more bucks than ever? Is your only issue moving to Kuwait from Canada that is deterring you from taking on the new employment? Certainly, we must admit it is a considerable change. And even more certainly, we must admit you are mot alone because your good fairies will guide you through everything — from hiring freight forwarders in Kuwait to exploring the culture. No doubt, you need a lot of time, money, and patience.

Basic info

Kuwait is a country in western Asia, or, to be more specific, on the Arabian Peninsula. If you are relocating to Kuwait from Canada, you should bear in mind that there is a striking contrast between these two countries. Unlike Canada, it is a small Islamic state with hot weather.

However, it is one of the mainstream economies in the world. Based on that fact, Kuwait’s main advantages are the following:

  • The unemployment rate is very low.
  • Its currency, called the dinar, is the highest-valued in the world.
  • High salaries are the main reason for the relocation from Canada to Kuwait. 
A businessman with luggage moving from Canada to Kuwait
A lot of businessmen move to Kuwait because of lucrative opportunities.

Before moving to Kuwait from Canada

The process of adaptation to your new life in Kuwait starts before the relocation. You should prepare for it so as not to find yourself in a predicament when you arrive. But how do you do that? 

First, you need to make an inventory list if you are planning to move your furniture and appliances. Afterward, you ought to do extensive research on which moving company and freight forwarder to choose. Unfortunately, the relocation from Canada to Kuwait is a long process that includes plenty of paperwork, such as customs clearance, insurance, visas, etc. 

Second, your stuff and belongings might need some storage. Since you are relocating to Kuwait from Canada, you don’t want to risk losing them. That’s why you will need the most reputable warehouse Kuwait can offer. Most freight forwarders can offer you such services, so again we remind you to be reasonable when picking the right one. 

Third, you will have to find accommodation. In case you can’t find a permanent solution in advance or you want to visit the places before, we suggest you book some hotel for a couple of weeks, or just stay with some friends or acquaintances. The best way to find an apartment is through recommendations since rental agencies are rather expensive. So, be inquisitive and ask people for some help.

Job-hunting when moving to Kuwait from Canada

As this country has huge oil reserves, the economy is based on them. There is always a need for new engineers that specialize in numerous fields. 

Education is important and new teachers are welcomed. Thus, Kuwait has one of the highest literacy rates among Islamic states. When relocating to Kuwait from Canada, you could think of teaching English or French. As a native speaker with some teaching certificates and background, you can achieve a lot. 

With a lot of expats and tourists coming to Kuwait, there are more and more employment opportunities in the sector of services. Cooks and chefs with international experience can easily find a job. 

Key facts on doing business in Kuwait

  1. Foreigners moving to Kuwait from Canada need a Kuwaiti partner to own a firm.
  2. In order to start a business, make sure you respect Kuwait’s laws.
  3. The official language is Arabic and documents in Arabic are only valid.
  4. In everyday business communication, you can use English.
  5. The workweek is from Sunday to Thursday.
  6. The dress code is smart and unrevealing clothes.
  7. Men shake hands, while physical contact between men and women is not common.
  8. Titles, business hierarchy, and showing respect are a must.
  9. People usually pray five times a day, so be patient if any meeting is interrupted.
A profile of a businessman in Kuwait.
Businessmen in Kuwait wear smart clothes.

Education after the relocation from Canada to Kuwait

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Education is in charge of both public and private schools. Education is compulsory for every child from the age of 6 to the age of 14. There are numerous kindergartens as well, even though they are not mandatory. 

Two girls doing school work.
Education in Kuwait is essential for all children. The literacy rate is extremely high.

When moving to Kuwait from Canada with children, you should enroll your kids in some international schools. A great many of them are co-educational. That means they follow the curricula of Kuwait and other countries. Among them, you can find schools with the Canadian curriculum too. 

Make sure to apply early enough since waiting lists can be too long. And plan your budget so that you divide a considerable sum as those schools are far too expensive. 

Healthcare opportunities after relocating to Kuwait from Canada

The majority of Kuwaitis are entitled to free healthcare opportunities. As an expat moving to Kuwait from Canada, you will have to pay some annual fees for medical services. There both public and private hospitals.

In public hospitals, waiting lists and queues are long. The government has imposed some restrictions on foreign citizens to make it easier for Kuwaitis to get the right service and treatment. The annual fee covers most general services in the public healthcare system.

However, private hospitals don’t fall into that category. You have to pay for every service provided. The main advantage is that you will be treated equally and won’t have to wait for a long time. 

Join expat communities

After you move, you might feel a culture shock. Find your way how to relax after the relocation and join some expat groups. They can help you a lot. At least, you will feel like at home. Meet the neighbors as well. Moving to Kuwait from Canada isn’t easy. But with the right people, you can make it an amazing experience