How to pack breakables for long distance move?

Packing might be one of the most stressful parts of any move. With so much to do and think about, having to focus and consider the safety of your items can seem like too much! It doesn’t matter if you are putting your items in a warehouse Kuwait or stuffing them onto a truck – you will always be concerned something might happen to them. This is especially true when you need to pack breakables for long distance move. The fragile items only increase the odds for something going awry – and so does moving long distance. This is why in this article, we give you some of the best packing tips to ensure the safety of your furniture!

Talk to your moving company about who will pack breakables for long distance move

Just like with every move, it is very important to work with good residential moving companies Kuwait to coordinate everything. After all, we are professional movers, and we can handle your fragile items with the utmost care and reliability! However, we still need to discuss this. Knowing just what is in the boxes will make sure the workers take care of these items.

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Professionals will help you pack with ease!

What’s more, being professional and reliable, we can ensure you know exactly how to pack these items – or offer amazing packing services that you can use! And we do recommend using our packing services! Our workers know how to safely and properly pack breakables for long distance move, and they will pay special attention to them. If you decide to pack alone, however, there are still things we can help you with!

Make sure you have a lot of padding

When you want to pack breakables for long distance move, the most important thing is to keep them stable and safe from the bumps. These are your biggest enemies during a move. Any shocks and vibrations can easily cause cracks to appear – which you need to stop! The easiest way for this is to use a bubble pack. It has air bubbles that act as a buffer and stop your glasses or plates from moving around. The second thing you can do is to put the crumpled paper inside each glass. This way, you are saving them from caving in and breaking in that way.

Bubble pack is good when you want to pack breakables for long distance move
Use a lot of padding to protect all your breakables!

You should also think about filling up the box with a lot of padding. People usually use packing peanuts because they are soft and they can reduce the vibrations and bumps. It’s important to fill all the gaps inside the box. If there is wiggle room, you can be sure that your breakables will be wiggling during their trip! Another thing that you can use here is clothing items. Socks are a great filler, and you can wrap them around your items as well. Thinking outside the box like is very useful when you pack breakables for long distance move – so many sure you do it!