How to find an affordable home to rent in Kuwait

Moving your life from one country to another can be an excruciating process filled with bumps along the way. It’s hard to just leave behind everything you’ve ever known and just start from scratch. That’s why here at Easy Move Kuwait, one of the most trustworthy removal companies, we would like to help you find an affordable home to rent in Kuwait. Although things might seem scary, or impossible, you’ll see by the end of this article that there are always solutions to every problem.

A picture of Kuwait during the day

 1. Plan carefully!

In order to find an affordable home to rent in Kuwait, as well as have a successful moving process, you must plan in advance. You must always be aware of what kind of home you are searching for, how much space you will need, when you need to already be in Kuwait, these are all important to keep in the back of your mind.

Your plan needs to be elaborate and cover the whole process. You have to be sure you will not be forgetting something or leaving something behind.

  • Choose the location wisely. How close is it to your work? To markets and shops?
  • Determine your expenses in advance. Are you prepared to pay a bit more in rent for a bigger apartment? Or even, are you searching for a villa?
  • Is your apartment furnished? What additional things or costs will it need?
  • Neighbors and neighborhood. Are the neighbors quiet and kind? Is the neighborhood safe?
  • Pack and move quickly! This way you won’t waste time looking at all the accommodation options forever, plus you can always change your accommodation at any time.

It’s always stressful moving and finding new homes. This is why we advise you really think it out and not make any haste decisions. We want you to look back at your decisions and think you made the right one!

2. Types of homes

In Kuwait, most foreigners live in villas, apartments or compounds.

A compound is a walled area that has security around it and depending on the size of the compound, it might have apartments, villas, or a mix of both. Compounds usually have recreation areas that are available for all residents to use. This includes a pool and a gym, and sometimes even playgrounds for children. A compound might be for you if your primary worry is safety. It is always secure and there is 24-hour surveillance. In addition, many compounds are multicultural, but you can find compounds housing mostly expats if this is what you are comfortable with.

Apartments are a standard choice, and usually the most cost-free of them all.

A woman and a girl entering an apartment building
Apartments range in price but are the best to find affordable homes to rent in Kuwait

Villas are, of course, a bit of a more luxurious housing option and with that a bit more expensive than is the norm. For 2-3, room villas rent is between $1.800 and $2.250.

3. Apartment costs and furnishing

As we’ve already mentioned, apartments are the best way to find an affordable home to rent in Kuwait. For reference, 1 Kuwaiti dinar (KWD) is approximately 3.33 US dollars.

  • 1-bedroom apartments range from 120 to 150 KWD
  • 2-bedroom apartments range from 250 to 650 KWD
  • 3-bedroom apartments range from 420 to 800 KWD

As you can see, prices range for every type of housing. This is mostly due to neighborhoods and how close your preferred home is to the center of the city.

Things to keep in mind are that in Kuwait, more often than not apartments aren’t furnished. This is something you must pay closer attention to. Most often the apartments have a kitchen unit, lighting fixtures and sometimes they lean into being semi-furnished with a stove, washing machine, and other essentials. These are all things you will have to check before committing to an apartment. 

Of course, furnished options exist, but they can be from 25% to 50% more expensive than the unfurnished options. A good idea might be to simply transport you furniture to Kuwait, but you should also know that many necessities are very cheap in Kuwait, and you don’t need to bring them from your country.

4. How to actually find an affordable home to rent in Kuwait

Now that we’ve covered all the basics, let’s get into the nitty-gritty.

1. Ask your company’s HR, colleagues, or friends

The best way to find a home in Kuwait, as well as anywhere else, is through word of mouth. Recommendations are always the most reliable way to find housing because you are sure you are going somewhere trustworthy and already verified as a good option.

Two colleagues chatting
A trusted colleagues recommendation is the way to go!

2. Read notice boards and local English newspapers

If none of your friends know of a good home for you, the next best thing is consulting the newspapers and looking at notice boards on apartment buildings. There are likely many of these notes, especially on compound apartment buildings. Once you get in contact with someone about housing, always ask to see the space and for a few days to make up your mind. We would even recommend leaving your things in warehouse Kuwait spaces, and staying in a motel until you make your final decision.

3. Consult a real estate agent

At the end of the day, real estate agents know all the tips and tricks of finding an affordable home. It is, after all, their job. If you are able to find a real estate agent through recommendation, you’re set and can comfortably rely on them to find you the best of the best. But if not, no reason to despair, you will find the right agent for yourself through persistence and perseverance.

5. Make your residence into a home

Now, all that’s left is to simply take care of the smaller things such as comfort and your own joy in your new home. As a parting tip from us, we encourage you to only chose homes where renters make up a contract for you to sign. Also, the longer a lease you sign, the cheaper the apartment will be!

Good luck on your new adventures, stay safe and enjoy all the new moments.