Expat Guide For Living In Bahrain

You should learn our expat guide for living in Bahrain if you have planned to move there. It is not easy to change the place of living, but even worse, to proceed without preparation. If you want to come here to live, you should learn whenever you can about this country. It includes language, culture, and lifestyle. They only you should not worry about is how to organize shipping to Bahrain.

However, do not hesitate to research this country and learn as much as you can about it. You will see how great it is for living. There are a lot of people that have come in the past decade here. Thanks to that cultural diversity, you will meet many great people and have great moments here. After all, you may start a new life in this country with your family.

Passport and visa
You should inform yourself about the visa needed for this country

Expat guide for living in Bahrain is excellent for those who come here for work

Many of the people that came to Bahrain have come because of job. Since this is a country that had significant economic growth, they offer great starting positions for ex-pats. Most of the people that you will meet here are came when their companies offered a new job. However, it would help if you did not hesitate to adapt to this country even you do not plan to live here longer.

  • Lifestyle is different in Bahrain, and you should prepare for it even before coming here – it could be hard to accept new life here;
  • Because of the religious life in Bahrain could be slightly different than from the western world – for some people, it represents a cultural shock;
  • If you come to Bahrain for work, you will not have troubles to adapt because the company will make sure to adjust you;
  • Culture is different but great in Bahrain – you will be able to learn a lot about the Islamic world and behavior there;
  • Do not hesitate to explore this country from the first days – you should leave your stuff to storage in Kuwait and spend the first day in this country.

Learn English

Although English is not an official language in this country, you will make your living easier if you speak in that language. In most places, it is the language that you may use for conversation. Many people who work with foreign people here have educated in international schools. Kuwait movers have workers that will understand you easily.

Utilities are specific

Bahrain mostly uses gas for their homes, so kitchen supplies are adapted to that. It should make your relocating to Kuwait easier. Also, you should switch on bottled water because tap water is not always quality. When it comes to electricity and other utilities, it is similar to the western world.

A mosque
Prepare for great experience with culture and architecture in Bahrain

You will need a visa

Bahrain does not demand having a visa for every country, but you will need it if you come from the western world. Also, you will need a unique ID and driving license, so prepare for that inconvenience. Even if you have a driving license from your country, you will need to pass tests again in Bahrain.

Hire house help

Thanks to the many new citizens that come to live in Bahrain, many new jobs are opened. You can easily find house help, and you will need it. It is for sure that you will spend the whole day at work and travel to and work longer. House help will make your life easier.

Not well public transportation

They do not have public transport well. It means that you will not travel to work as you may have used in your country. Most of the people here have their car or use a taxi. You should agree with the company that hired you for transport to work. Companies could organize transportation for their workers.

Expat guide for living in Bahrain include health care

No matter what is the reason for coming here, you should have new health insurance. Bahrain has an excellent health system with numerous hospitals and private clinics. However, you should have proper insurance if you want to live here. Your company will organize all according to the law.

Traffic is a little weird

Although they have the same law about traffic, people do not respect it very well. You may feel scared in the first place. However, you will learn how to act there and maybe follow their weird rules. It is the reason why people choose to use a taxi instead of having your car.

Health care is expensive

They have an excellent medical system, but it could be expensive for ex-pats. It is much better to have international medical insurance and prepare for all situations. Their private insurance is not available in some form like for people born in Bahrain.

Lifestyle should be a part of the ex-pat guide for living in Bahrain

It is hard to start a new life in Bahrain without adaptation to the lifestyle and culture there. It means that you should prepare for it like you will become a citizen of the country. You surely know that Bahrain has a different religion and culture which affect people’s everyday life.

Women in Bahrain
This is a specific country with interesting people and culture

Over 30 islands

People do not talk about generous nature in Bahrain, but they should do it. You will be able to see a great country, with beautiful pictures and the sea. Bahrain itself lies on 30 islands, which makes this place even more exotic and pretty. If you like the sea and the ocean, you should consider living here.

Different sizes of houses

Houses and architecture are specific in Bahrain. They have homes in different sizes and shapes. You can choose a place for your family with your needs and the number of children. It is possible to select a large and small house. However, Bahrain’s climate is too hot, so do not take place without acclimatization.

Clubs for western people

People in Bahrain know that you will feel sorry for your home, so they will make whatever they can to make your life there more comfortable. Although they do not have restaurants or clubs in every part, they have significant Western people’s places. They are a substantial part of the ex-pat guide for living in Bahrain.