An airplane

Air cargo’s top challenges at the moment

If you’ve ever shipped something overseas, you know how reliable air freight can be. It has quickly become one of the most widely used and trustworthy methods of transporting your cargo. There are surely more positives than negatives. Still, it’s

A lost package in the middle of the road

5 Useful tips for dealing with shipping delays

We all know how important planning and preparation are in a successful move. Unexpected events, however, might cause shipping to be delayed. This might result in a less than ideal moving experience. We at Easy Move Kuwait can assist you

How to import a vehicle from Kuwait?

Are you wanting to import a vehicle from Kuwait? Kuwait has long been known for being a significant importer of new American automobiles. The Kuwaiti vehicle market is also proud to be the eighth-largest U.S. export market for automobiles worldwide.

Skyline buildings and reasons why Europeans move to Bahrain

Reasons why Europeans move to Bahrain

Maybe you have been thinking to relocate to the Middle East. However, did you know that many Europeans move to Bahrain? Just as any relocation, moving to Bahrain can also be nerve-wracking. There are many additional facts to consider. For

Professional handling hazardous cargo

Guide for handling hazardous cargo

Running your business successfully requires a lot of effort. You always need to know what your next step should be and pay attention to important processes that your business is consisted of. When it comes to the shipping industry, you

Learn to identify good freight forwarders

How to identify good freight forwarders?

If you have a business with shipping needs, there is no better place to be right now. Whether you plan to import, export, or shipping your cargo internationally, we are just what you are looking for. We know how is

Steps for shipping medical equipment

Medical equipment, much like any other type of equipment, will need some specific care during shipping. This is nothing you need to worry about though. We at Easy Move Kuwait are here to offer the foolproof steps for shipping medical

How e-commerce growth causes changes in warehousing sector?

There is a lot going on ever since the pandemic took off. Thanks to it, e-commerce became even more popular than it was ever before. Moreover, it affected dropshipping as well. That’s why now we will show you exactly how

Learn about air freight trends to watch in 2021

Top air freight trends to watch in 2021

During many years behind, air freight was an important part of transporting goods for many businesses worldwide. Every businessman knows that air freight is an ideal way for international transport of cargo and shipments. Besides, air freight is a safe

Is avoiding extra costs when moving overseas possible?

Avoiding extra costs when moving overseas

Planning to move overseas soon? That is great news! Nevertheless, moving overseas is not only an opportunity to get international experience and explore a new country. It is a complex and time-consuming process that can be expensive. Many people who