Credit cards in back pocket. Who to notify when you move? Your bank and credit card issuer.

Tips for finding a job in Kuwait

Are you looking for a job in Kuwait and you do not know where to start? You have come to the right place as we have excellent tips for finding a job in Kuwait. Being an expat is not always easy, but with little effort, you will manage to find a job in this beautiful

A man signing documents

What to wear on moving day?

Choosing the right type of clothing can definitely be helpful when you’re moving. Picking the appropriate clothes will ensure you feel as relaxed as possible. You don’t need to add onto the pile of other problems you may run into during the moving process and on moving day itself. A lot of people worry about

man researching in order to recognize fraudulent movers

How to recognize fraudulent movers

If you are preparing a relocation, you need to be aware that it will not be an easy job. As a matter of fact, moving is probably one of the most demanding projects you can have. Especially if this is the first time you are having such an undertaking. There are many things that can go

A dog.

How to prepare your pet for relocation?

As pet owners, we consider our pet to be an equal member of the family. This is why while preparing for the move you need to be careful and acknowledge your pet’s needs. Although they cannot express their feelings with words, we can only assume that they are feeling stressed and do everything to make

A loaded cargo ship in the water

Sea Waybill and its importance

Transporting and shipping goods requires a lot of preparation and a lot of research. Luckily for you, most of the things you want or need to know about shipping cargo are available on the Internet. You can find out all the information you need about shipping companies in Kuwait, but also about the entire process

person holding sand - being an expat in Kuwait means living close to the desert

The difficulties of being an expat in Kuwait

Ever since oil was discovered in Kuwait in 1938, it has been attracting millions of expats. Expats seeking jobs and financial security here. If you still have not made the move, finding reliable international movers Kuwait is a must. Being an expat in Kuwait brings a lot of advantages and disadvantages as well. Hence we will

All you should know about safe storage facilities

All you should know about safe storage facilities

There are many situations when people need a safe place to store their stuff. When you’re moving, when you’re remodeling your home, when your home can’t any longer fit all of your belongings. Renting a storage unit is the most logical next step. Still, you should narrow your search for such unit only to safe

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What to do when movers are late – step by step guide

After all the months and weeks of careful planning, your moving day has finally arrived. You feel a bit anxious but ready to tackle all the tasks that the relocation has set for you. You’ve already hired professional movers and got packing supplies. Everything is ready and waiting. But your movers are late. Now your

A bird view of a home

How to prepare for the green move?

Are you planning to move to a new house? You must have dozens of questions and plans in your head about how it should be done in the best possible way. And although moving can be stressful – if you go green while moving, we guarantee that your environment, your body, and the planet will

A hot tub

How to Move a Hot Tub

Moving something as big as a hot tub is not an easy task. It requires a lot of planning, preparation, and perfect execution. Just as with any other large appliance or piece of furniture. And while most of the things from our home are simple and easy to relocate, hot tubs are different. To move