A hall with storage spaces

Looking for a storage unit to rent remotely

Looking for a storage unit to rent remotely is an appealing option to people who are frequent travelers. Since last year, most things are managed over the internet like having company or family meetings, getting educated be it at school

You need professionals to pack your boxes to avoid mistakes

Why you need professionals to pack your boxes for shipping

Depending on what you’re shipping and where you’re shipping your goods it can be a difficult process. However, if you don’t insist on doing everything you can actually make it easier. That’s why we from Easy Move Kuwait wanted to

International shipping during the pandemic

International shipping during the pandemic – what has changed?

There isn’t a person on the street that hasn’t heard about the Covid-19 virus and its impact on the world. This widespread virus has changed everything. The way we work, live and communicate. It has seeped so deep into our

Start a retail store in Kuwait

How to start a retail store in Kuwait?

Starting your own business is always for praise. Managing your budget, family, other side jobs, and thinking about starting something of your own, is not something anyone can do. If you recently moved to Kuwait, you will find various job

Shipping containers on a carrier

Shipping a vehicle overseas – what are the costs?

Regardless if you are going on a business or vacation trip, you need a reliable way of shipping a vehicle overseas. It’s good to figure out early on how to transport your vehicle overseas in the best way possible. It

Can shipping rates be negotiable?

Are shipping rates negotiable?

Having to ship any item can be expensive and time-consuming. That’s why it’s always a good idea to search for the best possible price. But are shipping rates really negotiable? Well, not always but sometimes a bit of talk can

Shipping containers.

Cheapest Ways to Ship Internationally

The process of shipping internationally can be expensive and somewhat difficult if not done right. Proper research is needed. Whether you are shipping goods for your business or because of relocation, finding a cheap way to do it is not

safely transport liquids wothout problems

How to safely transport liquids?

It’s time for a move. However, you need to take with you some important liquids? Depending on their use and quantity it might be harder to transport them to your new location. However, as a reputable moving company, we at

rent a house or a flat in kuwait

Should you rent a house or a flat in Kuwait?

When you’re planning to move to Kuwait, there is one big task you need to complete. That is, finding a new home you’re going to live in. This is one of the tasks that professional movers in Kuwait can’t help

Cargo ship

Features of a decent transport company

Planning a long-term move to a distant location? No need to worry, Easy Move Kuwait is a company with well-trained professionals who will help you out all the way through your relocation process. On the other hand, you need to