Best restaurants in Kuwait City

Have you been thinking about moving to Kuwait? Are you planning a night out in Kuwait City? For everyone who is interested in tasting the best dishes Kuwait has to offer, this is the article to read. Kuwait has many interesting places, attractions, and activities you can enjoy, but its cuisine is something you definitely shouldn’t miss. If you are looking for the best restaurants in Kuwait City, keep reading. If you are moving from a distant location, you should know that there will be a lot of fun that awaits in Kuwait. And, the top-notch restaurants are certainly a part of it. Whether you prefer Middle-Eastern cuisine, traditional home-made cooking or a fusion of Mediterranean and Arabian dishes, Kuwait City will have the place for you.

Best restaurants in Kuwait City

Searching for the best restaurants in this city is not hard. There are plenty of places, both traditional and modern that you can choose from. What you should prepare for is spending some extra money for some high-end dishes, especially if you prefer visiting popular, extravagant venues. Thus, here is a list of some of the best restaurants in Kuwait City that you might enjoy.

A table in one of the best restaurants in Kuwait City.
Prepare for paying some extra money for the best dishes Kuwait City has to offer.

Assaha Village

This restaurant in Kuwait City has a pretty unusual concept. It is not a conventional restaurant, but more like a traditional Lebanese village. Being so popular, Assaha Village requires early reservations. If you want to enjoy a meal here, you will have to book a table early on. The interesting part of this restaurant is that it has few dining areas – a table in a private building that can fit a maximum of 15 people, and the regular restaurant area where you can book a reservation for lunch or dinner. Moreover, the food in Assaha Village is considered high-end, like in all the best restaurants in Kuwait City. Its signature dishes are made out of fresh meat, fish, and vegetables that resemble traditional home-made cooking. If you want to experience the warm atmosphere and friendly approach from the restaurant’s staff, make sure to visit Assaha Village.

Al Boom

For all the seafood lovers and those who love trying other types of food, Al Boom is the perfect place to be in. Located in the center part of the town, this is one of the best restaurants in Kuwait City. This place offers a fixed price for their meals where you can enjoy a luxurious buffet made out of fresh fish and all sorts of other meat dishes. If you prefer trying the essence of Kuwaiti all on one plate, and get a small gift from the restaurant’s owners, check out the restaurant Al Boom.

Ayam Zaman

Like many of the best restaurants in Kuwait City, Ayam Zaman is located in an international hotel. More precisely, on the second floor of the Crowne Plaza Hotel. This is another high-end restaurant in Kuwait, serving delicacies and traditional Lebanese dishes. However, if you are relocating to Kuwait for the first time, you will enjoy the international feel in this cozy restaurant. Comfy sofas in bright colors feel more than welcoming. Furthermore, if you visit the Ayam Zaman restaurant, you should expect pretty high-end prices, too. Here you can choose between having an appetizer or share a seafood plate with your friends.

A plate with some food on a table.
From salads to pasta, the best restaurants in Kuwait City have it all.


If you are an expat in Kuwait, you will love this restaurant. Namely, Melenzane is one of the best restaurants in Kuwait City. This restaurant offers a wide range of Italian and Sicilian national dishes. If you miss home and want to eat a good pizza, pasta or a risotto, this is the place for you. After a tasty dinner, don’t miss tasting a perfect version of Italian tiramisu.


This place is perfect for those who would like to taste a perfect mix of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Cuisine. Among all the best restaurants in Kuwait City, this one represents a fusion between European cuisine and traditional Kuwaiti home cooking. Don’t miss trying out a smoked salmon salad, moussaka or one of the fresh fish specialties. Although this restaurant lacks the perfect romantic setting, the perfect dishes can definitely make up for it.

Moving to Kuwait? Here’s how to prepare

If you are planning your relocation to Kuwait City, you should prepare for a big change in your lifestyle. This city is known as an international mecca for business people, as well as the traditional families. Whether you are moving to Kuwait for a job, to raise a family or just to start a new life abroad, this country will definitely amaze you. Thus, in Kuwait City, you can find interesting attractions to see and many fun activities to explore. To sum it up, here is the list of the most important things to do before moving to Kuwait:

  • Gather documents necessary for a visa
  • Find a good housing
  • Get a steady, well-paid job
  • Research Kuwaiti culture and the best restaurants in Kuwait City
  • Prepare for the moving day

Before moving to Kuwait, you should make sure you have all the documents necessary for a Kuwait visa ready. Visa requirements will be different, depending on the country you are moving from. After you settle all the paperwork, make sure to establish a budget for your move. Living in Kuwait does not come cheap, so you should look for a stable job and a good monthly income. 

Kuwait city skyline.
Find the best places to enjoy the Kuwaiti lifestyle!

In the end, your Kuwait relocation can be successful and stress-free with the help of an experienced moving company. Moreover, with the right moving assistance, you can pack and move in Kuwait without any trouble.

Whether you are planning your relocation to Kuwait or just looking for the best restaurants in Kuwait City, this article is for you. Good luck with your search for the best places to visit. And, may you enjoy all the fun activities in Kuwait!