How to Avoid Hidden Moving Costs

When moving, people spend a lot of their resources on things they did not count on when planning the move. Some moving companies are not reliable, and they will scam you easily. To be prepared and to avoid hidden moving costs you should learn what’s necessary and conduct thorough research. The sooner, you start, the better will it be for you, your family, belongings and your money, of course.

Common hidden costs

What are the most common hidden costs people usually forget? When you are planning your relocation, everything is important to know. So, we did a little research to help you out. After that, you will have fewer chances to make a mistake.

Money and coins.
If you avoid hidden moving costs, you will save a lot of money when moving.

Packing supplies and packing services

If you do not know how to pack your boxes properly or you simply do not have enough time, you can hire a full-service moving company. Packing services are something you must pay for if you want them. Even if you do not want to hire packing services, you must have packing supplies and you must buy them. So, to avoid some extra costs, make enough time to pack and collect boxes. Do not underestimate how many items you have to move. In most cases, people need more boxes then they think.

Problems with transportation

When you find reliable sea freight Kuwait for shipping and moving your items, there will be almost no problems with transportation. But, you never know what can happen. So, the solution is to check what your transportation includes. Before shipping and moving, check what will you get for that price. 

Renting a storage unit

If your new house is not finished yet, you must rent a storage unit. Probably it is not included in the price you have paid. Or staying in a hotel too. Or there are situations where you cannot put all the furniture in your new home. The only solution is to store it in a storage unit. Many moving companies can offer storage units to their clients but it will costs you more.

Moving insurance

Maybe insurance is not included in the price. Ensuring your belongings is one of the most important things when moving or shipping. Moving insurance depends on the size of your items. Full Value Protection is a thing people usually forget to pay. If your items are damaged or lost during the moving process, do not worry if you have insurance. Your moving company will pay you back if they are guilty of a mistake. There are many different types of international insurance, so choose wisely.

Assembly and re-assembly of your furniture

If workers from the moving company you hired assemble and re-assemble your furniture, you can rest assured it will be another hidden moving cost. It is an extra charge that you will have to take care of. If your budget is not big, then ask your friends for a little help and set up the furniture.

Avoid hidden moving costs with these tips

There are many things you should do before moving day, and after too. Money is a big factor when moving. Especially if you are moving on a tight budget and you want to save money. If you learn how to avoid hidden moving costs, your moving will be more affordable, and stress-free.

Unhappy person hiding behind a red paper.
Do not worry about moving costs if you know how to avoid mistakes.

Creating a moving budget

With creating a moving budget you will avoid hidden moving costs because, with a limited budget, you will pay more attention to costs. Wasting money is one of the things you must avoid at this point. It does not matter how big or small your budget is, create a moving budget and stick to the limit.

Read the paperwork and documents

Read the contract well, and of course, the rest of the documents you have. Many people do not read the contract well, and when the bill comes, sometimes it comes with problems. Also, pay attention to what items moving company will move, and what is forbidden or unusual. Moving unusual and heavy items is more expensive, such as piano, electronics, hot tub, etc. If you have any special request, ask them how much it will cost you.

Also, if you need to ship something, you must read everything. It is also the case with freight forwarders in Kuwait. Shipping and moving special items is different and more complicated, so make sure you understand the rules before committing to anything. 

What about the hard-reachable locations?

It will cost you more if you have stairs in your home or roads that are not easily accessible, for example. Everything counts, and that is one part of hidden moving costs. Think about roads and other obstacles. If a moving company cannot use a regular moving truck, they will be forced to use specialized moving vans, which is more expensive.

Choose the time and the date of moving

Off-house moving, or moving during holidays is always more expensive than usual. Sometimes people forget these details. Do not move during the summer months if you want to save your money. If a moving company is not typically scheduled to work, or it is not off-season moving, beware of extra costs. And even if they do not ask you for extra money, it would be nice to tip the workers because they are working more to help you. If you are moving to another country, make sure you know their holidays too. For example, there are national holidays in Kuwait you should know before moving. You’ll want to avoid moving on them. Choose your moving date wisely if you are able.

A planer and a vase of pink flowers.
Plan every detail of your move.

Pay attention to each detail when moving if you want to avoid hidden moving costs. With these pieces of information and tips, you will probably save some money. That is always a good thing, especially if you are moving somewhere far away. Make your move simple, stress-free and affordable.