Adapting to a new Culture – Culture shock and dealing with it

Have you moved far away from home? Is everything different, and maybe a bit scary? Adapting to a new culture can be difficult sometimes, but with a little guidance, you will be fine and adapted to your new surroundings in no time.  Moving can be stressful in general, none the less when you are relocating to Kuwait as a foreigner for example. Make sure to do your homework and learn a bit about the new culture in your new home. The more you know, the easier will be for you to adapt.

Kuwait at night with fireworks in the sky
With some tips and trick, adapting to a new culture won’t be so difficult!

Adapting to a new culture – it can be easy

Yes, you came to a completely new and unknown place for you. Things are different then what you have used to, and your job is to try and fit in as much as possible. Like there are things that you should do so that you can adjust as soon as possible, there are some things that you shouldn’t do as well. What is extremely important is that you cannot put yourself between four walls just because you are homesick and you are scared that someone outside won’t understand you and that you will make some sort of a mistake.

You have to go out and experience the new environment and give your best to fit in. Remember, you have to respect everyone’s culture and customs. After all, you are a guest, and you should act the same as you would like someone else to act in your country. And the most important part of a successful long distance move is to prepare well. Therefore, make sure you research a bit before you move to a new surrounding.

Be patient

One of the most important things that you can do when in a new country is to be patient. Nothing can simply come overnight. And one of the biggest moving mistakes to avoid is impatience. Some things you have to learn over time. Learning about the new culture can be very interesting. You just have to be curious enough. Therefore, there are no stupid questions. Ask everything you want to know about your new country, about your new city. People are usually filled with understanding for foreigners, and if you get some bad reaction from someone, consider it just as an experience more.

A wall that is written on with chalk
Feel free to ask plenty of questions – how else are you supposed to learn?


Do not despair when you start feeling homesick. It is bound to happen at some point and that is when you will probably get very sad, nervous, anxious. These reactions are very normal when you are not in your own country.  By calling your loved ones and talking to them a bit while sharing your recent experience, you can partly cure your homesickness. Depending on how long are you staying in a foreign country, homesickness will come and go.

That is why it is important to keep yourself occupied. It is not like you have nothing to do. There are so many places to visit, so many questions to ask, and so many things to do. Therefore, do what is best for you to beat that homesickness, and use the opportunity that not many people get, to learn as much as possible about a culture that is not yours.

Being open-minded is the key

Adapting to a new culture is not that hard if you are open-minded. Think of it this way: You have a great opportunity to get a lifetime experience, maybe even life-changing experience, and you have to use it. Learn, and try to enjoy the learning path. However, keep in mind that at one point you will feel very tired, and that is fine. Completely normal. New things can be overwhelming at some point and adapting to a new culture can do just that, overwhelm you.

What you have to understand, is that when you do feel overwhelmed, you have to give yourself a break and rest. Find something that you have always liked and do that. Maybe watch some TV show, read some casual book or just sit down and relax, take a nap even. Do whatever helps you relax.

And speaking of relaxing, you should always make sure to do it. Indulge yourself with anything that helps you feel calmer? Are you moving to a different country? Then do not forget to check out international movers Kuwait who will make your move stress-free. Are you feeling a lot of stress from your work? Give yourself some time off. No one will worry about your well being if you don’t do it by yourself.


When you are away from your country and the people you know and love, things can seem very rough. You cannot let that happen to you. You have to stay positive. That is why you need to surround yourself with some good, understanding people. Finding a new friend is kinda hard in another country, especially if there is a language barrier. That is why you should try your best and find out where are all the gatherings of the people from your country. For instance, if you are moving to Kuwait, make sure you learn how expats are having fun in Kuwait.  They usually make gatherings a couple of times a year. Nowadays, it is pretty easy to find people from your country, just by using some of the so many social networks.

A group of people fist bumping after adapting to a new culture
Making new friends is the key to adapting to your new surroundings!

Be happy with yourself

It is important that you do not feel bad if some things do not work out as you thought they will. Being independent in a foreign country is a tough job, and you have to work really hard to accomplish that.

  • Learning a language,
  • learning about do’s and don’ts,
  • finding a job,
  • being open minded,
  • getting to know the new city,
  • finding friends

and so many other things can be so much for just one person when adapting to a new culture. So, give yourself a break, and try to enjoy that path. Do not overthink things, try to enjoy the experience.

Adapting to a new culture can be so satisfying. Learning to live in a completely new country all by yourself can be even scary. Even if you are not alone, it can be too much. By learning to adapt, and enjoying that once in a lifetime experience you will become wealthier in spirit and, why not, happier.