Saudi Arabia vs Qatar – where do Europeans move?

A lot of Europeans decide to move to the Gulf States. And one of the most common dilemmas is Saudi Arabia vs Qatar. What is a better place for Europeans? Is it Saudi Arabia with all that it can offer or is it Qatar that is unique? If you need help from professional movers and packers in Kuwait to help you relocate easily – make sure to look for them in advance. Making a decision where you should move is not easy, and you need to look at all the pros and cons. But finding a reliable mover might be even harder, so make sure to book your movers on time.

Saudi Arabia vs Qatar – background

Deciding where to move is never easy. Especially if you are choosing where to move to Saudi Arabia or to Qatar. But no matter what is your final decision you should know more about these two countries, so you can make a final decision. Their backgrounds are usually one of the factors Europans consider when moving to this part of the world. They tend to move to top Middle Eastern countries that can offer them everything. Not every country offers things that Europeans look for when moving.

woman on pc deciding where to move
Before making a final decision, research is a must-do

Background of Saudi Arabia

The first thing you should know is that Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of Islam. Saudi Arabia is developing rapidly since 2005. It is one of the leading producers of oil and natural gas as well. Almost 35 million people live here. The main city is Riyadh, and it is one of the places where Europeans usually move to Saudi Arabia. It will take time to adjust to high temperatures and customs, but it can be fairly easy if you keep an open mind. If you are shipping to Saudi Arabia, make sure to find reliable movers, who can help you every step of the way.

Background of Qatar

Qatar has been transforming for the last 60 years. It has become one of the popular places for Europeans. The main city is Doha. Qatar has a population of approximately 2,5 million. It is mainly a desert. Also, if you are choosing between Saudi Arabia vs Qatar – you should know that Qatar is one of the wealthiest countries in the Middle East. Doha is a popular place for ex-pats, and it offers a lot of job opportunities. So if you are moving here because of work and you are shipping to Qatar make sure to schedule everything on time. You will need your belongings, and you will need time to organize your life according to their customs.

When you compare Saudi Arabia vs Qatar – are there a lot of job opportunities for Europeans?

Both of these countries have been developing. There is a lot of job openings, but they are mostly in construction and energy. But since the population has been growing as well, there is also a lot of job openings in healthcare, finance, etc. It is one of the biggest incentives for workers around the globe, including Europeans. Also, if you are considering moving to the Middle East and you have a job offer – you will get an accommodation allowance, health insurance. Also, you will get a return ticket to your home every year. Simply, they are offering a full package to their workers. No matter if you choose Qatar or Saudi Arabia – you will find a job rather fast.

cv for job hunting in Qatar
Job opportunities are unique in the Middle East

The job market is unique

When it comes to the job market in the Middle East in general, we can freely say it is very interesting and diverse. You will get a unique opportunity to work on big projects. But not just that, you will be working with people from all over the world. It will give you a unique experience, and you will learn a lot. If you are still not sure should you choose Saudi Arabia or Qatar as your future home, you should know that there are some countries in the Gulf that offer tax-free earnings.

Europeans will take time to adjust no matter whether they are moving to Saudi Arabia or Qatar

For most Europeans moving and living in one of these countries can be challenging. When you compare Saudi Arabia and Qatar, you will see that a lot of people choose Qatar. It is important to note that the number of people that choose Saudi Arabia is also high. Both countries are different than Europe in general, and it will take time to adjust. Laws are different, and customs are different. What is interesting that the crime rate is lower than in most Western countries. People in Qatar and Saudi Arabia are polite, friendly and it will help;p you a lot when you are feeling homesick.

people in the streets
Customs are different, and it takes time to adjust

Culture is different

Culture is different, no matter what you choose between Saudi Arabia vs Qatar when you are moving from Europe. And, before you start long-distance house hunting, you should learn more about their culture. For example, their driving habits are much different than ones in Europe and it usually takes time for European people to adjust. Europeans prepare for the fact that they will have to adjust every day. And although it can be challenging, it is also very interesting to learn something new every day!

Relocation can be tricky

Since most of the belongings will be transported via air or sea, there are certain restrictions on what you can actually ship. And since most people are relocating their whole life –  they will surely have a lot of boxes. You can always find professional packers, no matter are you in Saudi Arabia or Qatar.  But if you are choosing between Qatar and Saudi Arabia and you are afraid about the relocation, do not worry. There are a lot of moving companies that can assist you with this tricky relocation.