Moving from the USA to Kuwait – tips for settling in after the move

Moving from the USA to Kuwait is a very interesting change in life and could be a step that affects your life. Before hiring movers and packers Kuwait to relocate you, check what this country and economy look like.

What is appealing in Kuwait for ex-pats?

Expats in Kuwait should know that this is a very stable economy and has great opportunities for ex-pats. However, you should know that this country will turn to domestic workers in the future, so this is the last call for other citizens.

  • Moving from the USA to Kuwait could be very difficult for ex-pats that are not prepared and maybe you will need to rent storage in Kuwait before moving in;
  • Kuwait has a stable and growing economy;
  • You should ask for a visa and working permit if want to live in Kuwait as an ex-pat.

    Panoramic Kuwait
    Moving from the USA to Kuwait is easy and challenging

The rapid growth of the oil industry

If something marked the industry in Kuwait in the past decade it is the oil industry. It represents the biggest Kuwait’s success and surely the reason why this country is so attractive for ex-pats. oil products account for 50% of the GDB and even more than 90% of government income. Thanks to the rise in oil prices the government has established a stable and progressive country, improving the public educations system and developing a comprehensive social security system. It is the reason why is shipping from Kuwait to the USA a growing industry.

A stable political situation

Expats always worry about safety, either for private safety, as well as for job stability. The political situation affects it a lot. In Kuwait situation is more than safe and stable so ex-pats can be sure that living here offers only good opportunities. After the fight against corruption in 2010 and 2011, the country has started economic and political reforms. Although the current political system is not stable and represents some kind of constitutional monarchy, the head of state has considerable powers. Women’s voting rights were introduced in 2005, but we can say that Kuwait is a modern and progressive country with rapid economic growth. It affects trading, which customs clearance services Kuwait know.

How to start after moving from the USA to Kuwait?

The most important when moving to Kuwait is to understand the rules that are worth in this country. You will be able to change many things after moving, but also to adapt very quickly.


As the official site of Kuwait government claims, there are three types of visas for ex-pats in Kuwait. The first one is a short-term visa for visiting Kuwait and staying for up to 30 days. Nationals from 70 countries do not need to have this visa if want to visit Kuwait. There is a long-term visa, as a type of work permit and residency visa. You will need to be a worker in a private company or Kuwait government organization. After you get this visa, you can apply for Kuwait Civil ID. The third visa is a dependent visa for ex-pats with family in Kuwait. You can apply for it if your partner already has a long-term visa in Kuwait.

There are a lot of steps that you have moved before moving to Kuwait

An opportunity for great success

Kuwait offers many jobs and opportunities for a great career in many fields. Growing and opening to the Western world, Kuwait has made great progress for its people as well for the ex-pats. It is the reason why more and more newbies come to live and work in this country in past years. Along with that, jobs are followed by high salaries that could become higher as ex-pats make progress in the work. Both mean great opportunities even for newcomers that are willing to work and learn.

How to appeal for the job if you are an ex-pat

It could be difficult to appeal for a job if you come to Kuwait for living and work. Most of the ex-pats come to Kuwait to work in the oil industry. The majority of expropriates are engineers or work in the sales field. In past years there are new jobs for them, including financial sector or business development. Experts recommend moving to Kuwait in years to come, and they expect difficulties for ex-pats in the future. There are great graduation programs for Kuwait citizens which should involve a higher number of domestic workers in these jobs.

Living in Kuwait

There are a lot of things that you should know when moving to Kuwait. You should adapt to normal life as soon as moving is ended.

How to find a home in Kuwait

The next step, after finding a job and applying for a visa is to find a secure and stable home, that you can afford. There are a lot of ways to find a home that will appeal to you properly. You can find a real estate agent, or ask colleagues and friends for advice. Some newspapers in Kuwait have listings with houses for rent. There are also compounds and apartment buildings where you can ask about availability. Unfortunately, you cannot buy a house in Kuwait if you are an ex-pat, because of the legislation. You will maybe need to take storage in Kuwait before moving.

A seaside in Kuwait
This country has great places for ex-pats

Religious and culture in Kuwait

You surely know what to expect from Kuwait and what typical everyday life looks like. Islam is an important part of everyday life in this country, so first, you need to know is how to behave in a group of believers. However, this is a culture open to strangers and strange influences, which you can see in food and cuisine from all over the world. You can find groceries from every part of the world and prepare your meals. You should respect Islam and learn about this faith and customs.

The climate in Kuwait is a little unpleasant

After moving from the USA to Kuwait some details could be bad. In some cases, the climate in Kuwait could be a little unpleasant, especially for the people that come from the Europe and US. The country is surrounded by deserts, so the temperature in the summer could be 50 C in the shade. However, every apartment and office has air conditioning, and you must learn to wear a proper wardrobe. On the other hand, the temperature during the winter could drop to 0 c, so pack warm clothe, too.