How to prepare your belongings for international shipping

Nowadays, we can often hear about stories of people who have relocated from one country to another, or from one continent to another. The first question that comes to our minds is how you prepare your belongings for international shipping and how you move them. We asked some Americans who moved to Kuwait and they revealed that the secret formula was choosing the most suitable one among all agencies for international shipping Kuwait encompassed. Queries that arise now are how to choose one and what else to do. 

Plan before you prepare your belongings for international shipping

It is important to recognize that relocation is a slow and demanding process. You need to allocate a great deal of time, money, and patience.

In order to make the whole experience easier, we advise that you should plan it step-by-step in advance. International shipping can take several weeks, and you would like to carefully prepare your stuff for moving abroad so that nothing is missing or damaged later. It’s not important whether you are shipping from Kuwait to Qatar or from Kuwait to the west, customs can delay everything. Just keep in mind you have to be ready for the unexpected. 

For that reason, you ought to plan the following:

  • how to declutter
  • which freight forwarder to choose
  • how to pack for international shipping
  • how much money you can spend
  • other steps that you find necessary

Declutter before you pack your stuff for international shipping

Moving every single piece of your possessions overseas can be extremely costly. Certainly, we do not mean you must pack your entire life in a tiny suitcase. But some adjustments in order to prepare your belongings for international shipping are definitely required. The usual way to do them is to divide your belongings into four piles.

Keep with you and pack for international shipping

This pile consists of the things without which you cannot go. You want to keep them with you and move to your new place of living. What belongs there depends on your decision. Different people prioritize different things, often opting for valuable items, belongings associated with memories, and stuff necessary for daily life and work. 

Necessary items for packing
Keep with you and pack your essentials and valuables.

Sell and earn a buck

if you don’t want or don’t need to move some stuff, try selling. By all means, that idea is worth because you can earn some money. To illustrate, your new ten-thousand-mile-away apartment already has a good cooker. So why would you bother moving your old one? Sell it and use the money wisely for something else.

Help other people

Do you think you can’t move it? And are you sure that you can’t earn money by selling it? Then, give it away to one of your family members, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, etc. Or simply donate it. Plenty of charities will gladly accept your act of kindness

Help the environment

If you are unable to do anything with some items, throw them away. Those are irreparable or seriously damaged things. Before delivering them into the garbage, make sure you sort the ones that can be recycled and put them into special bins. That way, you will leave your old home peacefully knowing that you have done one last good thing for the environment and ecological well-being of your previous state of residence. 

Prepare your belongings for international shipping with good movers

After you decide and divide what to send and carry to your new home, you will have to choose the right international shipping company. You shouldn’t go for the first one you hear about or see on the Internet. We always recommend that you do extensive research. Read about them, ask the people you know, find the reviews on forums, etc. Make a list of top ten and contact them requiring to get as many answers as you need to prepare your stuff for moving abroad.

These containers are used when you prepare your belongings for international shipping
Freight forwarders will put your belongings into cargo containers and deliver them by ship or plane.

Compare the services that they offer. Prices differ, but that doesn’t mean that either the most or the least expensive freight forwarders are the best. 

Reputable movers assist their customers with customs clearance, which requires a large amount of paperwork and legal stuff. Besides, they don’t have additional costs that are hidden somewhere waiting for the right moment to appear. 

Some movers can even help you to pack for international shipping. This type of service is normally charged as an extra. It can really be useful and practical for people who are in a hurry and have to take care of other issues.

Pack your stuff for moving abroad safely

Keep your valuable belongings separate. In your carry-on, you should put your most important documents, laptop, allowed medicines, charger, jewelry, wallet with money and credit cards. 

In your cabin baggage, you need some clothes and things that are necessary for daily life. Remember that you will arrive before your belongings sent with the freight forwarder. So, you will have to live with the luggage you have carried for a couple of days. That’s why it’s essential to carefully consider what you will pack with yourself on the plane. 

Woman packing
Pack your belonging carefully so that they doný break.

When it comes to other items transferred by companies, you definitely have to pack them in a safe way. So how to pack your stuff for moving abroad so that it doesn’t damage? Use quality moving supplies, i.e., boxes, tape, bubble wrap for fragile items, or even styrofoam. Pay special attention to electronics as those are extremely fragile and need additional safety measures. Furthermore, label every box and packaging. Make an inventory list so that you know what is where.

Prepare your belongings for international shipping and get insurance

Don’t be stingy and pay for insurance. When we say prepare your belongings for international shipping we don’t mean only packing. We refer to the whole process of planning, organizing, and checking everything will be right. Only with insurance will you be compensated in case of damaged or lost items