How to prepare delicate equipment for shipping

It is very important to prepare delicate equipment for shipping properly and without delay. Not only that they are sensitive and expensive, but they are also usually cumbersome and large, so you will need a special vehicle for them—all you can avoid by using a suitable transportation method and cooperating with the right transportation company. You will not make a mistake if choose Easy Move Kuwait, the most professional company.

Prepare delicate equipment for shipping

The key is to prepare equipment to protect you and your tool. On the other hand, you must do it fast, since you do not have much time to delay the job—all you can do with the right transporting company.

Delicate equipment
It is not difficult to prepare delicate equipment for shipping

Learn manufacturer’s manual

Manufacturers have done the best job when writing precise manual following equipment and professional cargo companies Kuwait use it. It is more than a guide on constructing and using the equipment. You can use it when packing delicate equipment for shipping. Manual usually includes a drawing of the equipment, essential parts, and joints that you can separate into smaller parts. Use the drawing as a guide for assembling and reassembling, too, since it could show you the most important steps in this job.

Protect items from the rust

Shipping to Quatar demands long preparation. Most of the equipment is made of metal, which is sensitive to humidity, and saltwater and easily makes rust. You surely have used this protection before moving and transporting, but it is good to go through the guide on how to protect them again. The key is to use scientific methods, provenly good as a protection from these damages.

  • Plating is a method where you use tin and zinc as an additional layer over the objects made of metal;
  • Galvanizing is a process of using zinc and steel as protection;
  • The easiest way to prepare delicate equipment for shipping is by painting with paints that protect the metal from damage.

Protect items from physical damages

Knowing that the equipment you are planning to transport has sensitive or fragile parts, you should prepare them from physical damage. However, you can use a long list of protective materials, including Styrofoam, cardboard, soft blankets, or towels. If those parts are made of glass, ensure you have protected them from scratches, too. It is the reason why you should rely on professional logistics companies Kuwait.

There are a lot of transport methods

You can be sure that there are a lot of transport methods that are both effective and cheap. However, choose the way that protects you and your items.

You should use a special tool for packing delicate items

Consider using different transporting methods

You may have decided to transport items by using one type of vehicle, presuming it is strong enough for that job. However, you should check before transporting if the car is capable of transporting items. There are vehicles that cannot pull too heavy items, although you feel it would be easy for them. All above you must check on time and avoid delaying and damages when transporting starts.

Choose a good moving company

Although you may consider this job simple and fast, it could be much more difficult than you felt in the first place. Also, there are a lot of problems that may occur during the process of transporting. It is the reason why companies do not do this job alone. You should rely on a professional, reliable, and skilled moving company with the right equipment and experience in moving heavy items. Do not hesitate to ask them for help and advice.

Container shipping

Using container shipping is the easiest and most protective method for your sensitive equipment. It is a trustworthy method, usually not very expensive, and capable of transporting heavy machines. The standard container has 20-40 feet, but you can choose the most appropriate size. The only downside of this method is that it is a little time-consuming, and you may be forced to share it with another customer.

Lift on/off method

Shortly called LoLo, the method of using a special crane which lifts your vehicle is very popular among transport companies. It is very easy to use, fast and protects your machines from damage. The problems could be the price, which is a little higher, and a long list of additional equipment you must use. You will first need a crane and numerous skilled workers to use this machine.

Roll-on/off method

Shortly called RoRo, this method is simpler, cheaper, and fast, so many transporting companies use it. The key is in the special wheels that the machine has, which you can use to roll the machine to the transporting vehicle literally. The transporting method is not important in this case, though. You can use it for container shipping as well as for the LoLo method. Although the method costs, you should consider paying additionally for a very protective and fast shipping model.

It is a high-risk job

Before starting, do not forget that this job is considered high risk. Not only that your items are under risk, but your workers and yourself could be harmed.

Prepare for risks

Companies that need to transport their machines and equipment long distances know they cannot avoid risks so they make job risk assesments. Each transport demands long preparation and includes possible damages. You should prepare for the risk and prepare the company for additional costs. You may need to pay for a new part or fill the scratches so you can use the machine again. Prepare the company for that cost, too.

Big vehicle
There are a lot of ways to transport large vehicles

Consider using insurance

Having insurance in these cases is very important, not only for machine damages. You can easily harm yourself or your workers, so you will need insurance to resolve the problem later. Also, good insurances include other possible troubles, like rust or scratches, and minor damages that could turn into big problems later. For many companies transporting is a high-risk occasion, so they act in accordance with that.

Start on time

It is crucial to start by preparing on time and without delay. Even if you have transported the items before, there are a lot of reasons to be careful every time. You can hardly predict problems that may happen, as the machines could damage in completely unexpected ways. So, prepare delicate equipment for moving on time and with professionals.